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Performed by Death Cab For Cutie

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agreed. | Reviewer: girl | 1/7/08

yea, this song is exactly like the relationship i was in. i know he was trying to protect me by not telling me how his feelings had changed, but it just ended up hurting me more. i guess he meant well, as this guy seems to do, and my ex realy did want to love me. i interpret the 'silver lake' part as a second girl, and unfortunately there was another girl in my case, too.
i don't want to say he was an asshole, i just genuinely wish he had chosen to be honest with me.

just great | Reviewer: no-one important | 12/26/07

i think that the guy is in love with someone else and doesn't wanna be so he uses the girl he talks about in this song to try and forget the one he's in love with , after all , he does say "i wanted to believe in all the words that i was saying" .other thing the song shows is that being beautiful isn't enough to make someone really care about you , i mean , the girl is beautiful but doesn't mean a thing to him , so it shows that looks arent that important as personality .
the song may have other meanings , but thats the one i think fits best to my way of thinking , besides , not all guys are assholes and not all of them use women , we also use men its just not that common but it happens .
but maybe its just my way of thinking . i have used and i've been used and i'm a woman .

AMAZING | Reviewer: Phil | 12/9/07

anyone with half a brain can understand this song.. basically what everyone has said. i think that ben chris nick and jason all do a great job at giving you an outlook on the relationship that they have with each other. transatlanticism is a great album! keep it up death cab! and oh by the way two people above me ya it stinks that there are guys out there like that, but just to let you know thats happend to me twice and i am a guy...

Great Song | Reviewer: Samantha | 12/5/07

I definitely agree that this song is excellent, and of course has various meanings depending on who you are.

For me, I don't see the song as being about a jerk who doesn't care about the girl he is with. After thinking that you are in love with someone, you sometimes come to the realization that the relationship means more to the other person that it does for you. After all, the song does say "I wanted to believe in all the words that I was speaking". In my opinion, this means that he truly wanted to feel the love that this girl so clearly felt for him, but he couldn't seem to find it, and didn't want to hurt her. This isn't being a jerk, it's just life, and it probably hurts the guy as well as the girl. Not saying that some guys can't be jerks, but I just never interpreted these lyrics as such.

i can relate | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/19/07

maybe he's not just an asshole. Maybe he's not using her. He obviously feels remorse and didn't enjoy it--"All I see are dark Grey clouds
In the distance moving closer with every hour". He was upset, but he didn't feel like he could tell her because he didn't want to hurt her. Just because he was physical doesn't mean he used her. He didn't keep her meaninglessness to himself because he was using her for his own enjoyment, he kept it because he couldn't hurt her. He put his feelings aside to protect someone he cared about. that doesn't make him a using asshole.

Great. | Reviewer: Alana. | 11/11/07

This is my favorite Death Cab For Cutie song. It reminds me of my relationship I guess you could call it that, with some person. I understand the song it's great and his voice sounds somewhat apologetic. I love it.

sophie | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/28/07

i love this song... it shows that to love someone, there has to be a common understanding and depth. things progress quickly when you're so transfixed on one's appearance and the superficial qualities, then eventually you fall into a pseudo-love that is shallow and meaningless. THANK YOU death cab for portraying this so eloquently and gorgeously. you've done a great job again!

so uh. there is more than one way to look at this. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/15/07

in some cases, the man isn't the one who is evil.

my personal experience gives an interesting outlook.

the young woman in question said i meant something to her, but, only months later returned to her ex. however, she continued to tell me she cared, leading me to question whether to trust her, or see her actions as speaking louder than her words. i think this song is both of those things mixed together. it's the realization that maybe a persons actions speak louder than their words mixed in with the doubt of whether or not to trust the person regardless of those actions.

i think the two weeks in silverlake shows how these sorts of things can happen so quickly. we can believe in these kind of things so quickly, only to find ourselves deceived.

"that you said you didn't want to fade, but they did and so did i that day."
i think goes to show that she keeps acknowledging his effect on her, even though she doesn't see that her actions really showed a deeper level of meaning: that he was never important.

not being able to talk about what's wrong is probably because the other person isn't ready or capable of understanding the actual situation. it's probably a situation that wasn't actually meant to be. which is the realization throughout the song. and as much as she was beautiful, she doesn't mean a thing.

i could really go on for ages about this song. there is more. and different angles. i'm not being close-minded. every lyric can be connected to this situation. it's quite interesting, and an original new look as opposed to the simple "good and evil," or the other kind of generic, tv-type outcomes of romance.

Abstract | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/14/07

ohh its just one of those damm really well made songs..i just heard one part of the lyrics a day in a car and felt in just treats something so common amongst our society and us ,nowadays ,but in such an abstract form that its beautifull.Just reminds me of all the beautifull girls that draw my attention but don't mean a thing to me...

Meaning | Reviewer: John | 10/12/07

I think most of what people say about this song is wrong.
I don't see this as a guy just using a girl, i see this as a guy falling out of love. He just realizes that he doesn't love her anymore, but he is afraid to say it to her.
The chorus is harsh, but in his head he is speaking the truth to himself. He thinks she is beautiful, but he just isn't in love anymore.
Wonderful song.
Sad. Powerful.

listen | Reviewer: mike | 9/21/07

if you listen to the song, the melody and the lyrics tell a story, but its very sad and almost apologetic.

I think this song speaks not to people and how guys are evil and use people, but that people are attracted to the beautiful and because of that get themselves caught in vile and cheap situations.

"i wanted to believe all the words that i was speaking as we moved together in the dark."

I dunno about a lot of guys out there, but after these meaningless one nights, after I'm spent a part of me hates myself.

think | Reviewer: someone | 9/19/07

this song really nakes me think about the times i allowed myself to be used by guys who really didn't care about me. i didn't matter at all to them, they just wanted a good time. i hope other girls will listen to their hearts and think before they give themsleves away to people who don't care about them.

beautiful! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/12/07

wow i love this song
i went through something like this.. i liked this guy a lot and he told me how beautiful i was and that he liked me.. he was the first guy i ever kissed or did anything with,.. the first time.. he touched me.. he told me i was beautiful.. and i belived him so i gave myself to him.. he then texted me after and said that all he wanted was to be my friend.. i felt soo cheap and used.. and i can never trust or belive when someone calls me beautiful.. guys dont realive that girls want to be loved and beautiful, and want a realsionship.. they dont want to be objects...
to all guys out there.. be nice .. and honest.. your huting girls.. and thats not nice

hey | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/9/07

Not all guys are jerks... there are a few of us out there who simply are not like this however we are a dying breed.

I apologies on behalf of the Id*ots who do this sort of thing... Bast~rds

brilliant | Reviewer: Brooks Ann | 8/24/07

This song just hit me. I had a thing like this. Me and a guy met and took things kind of fast. And he always called me beautiful. He said i was the prettiest girl he'd ever seen. And then he jsut kind of faded out of my life and i was thinking it was probably like this. he thought i was beautiful but i didnt mean a thing to him. And he touched me and at the same time was thinking that i was nothing to him except a body.

but to all guys like that: girls aren't just bodies, it's more about what's inside them.

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