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Performed by Death Cab For Cutie

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Rain and 8:00AM Music Theory | Reviewer: TimK | 10/12/09

Really wonderful song. I was walking to an 8 AM class through wind and rain. The street lights were still on and their reflection was all that was with me. For some reason the music of this song just fit. I couldn't help myself. I didn't pay attention in class at all. I just kept replaying the song and the situation in my head.

foreverisover | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/19/09

this song is beautiful.
theres this boy. we met coming into summer, and we really did love each other. anddd then school started, and shit happens, as they say. anyway, it got real complicated and now he's with someone else and theres a fat love triangle going on.
i have to move on
but memories never fade..

Summer Skin. | Reviewer: saandie. | 6/22/09

This song is beautiful, full stop.
I agree with everyone's interpretations, and I think we can all relate to this song at one stage in our lives. I had a summer romance.. and in my opinion it was the best relationship I ever had. I'd do it over again.

literal. | Reviewer: anon. | 11/16/08

actually, this song really really speaks to me.
last summer i fell in love with this girl, and we didn't have a single worry in our heads.
when summer ended and school started, everything got all screwed up and stressful (because of school) and now it's basically totally over, even though i've been trying to win her back since september.

so, yeah.
i pretty much take this song very litterally, word for word.

To Lucy | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/1/08

I don't know where you live, but in the U.S. Labor Day is the first Monday in September. (Today actually, weird.) But anyway, Labor Day traditionally signifies the end of summer, and that date makes more sense in the context of the song.

Summer lovin had me a blast. | Reviewer: Zame | 7/20/08

Like most people have mentioned, this is a quite obvious song to pick and it's gorgeous. Fo me, in its most basic form...

These kids fall in love... they do all these picture perfect amazing things that are associated with summer, whether you want to take them literally or just recognise them as having a warm and enjyable conotation attached to them.
Then, seasons change and one of them must leave. Literal or whatever, he mentions that they peel the freckles from their shoulders and that thier new coats (the layers under their summer skin)just dont feel right... that the other must leave and do what she has got to do. It's funny how love works, its funny how somthing can feel so right in one context but if things are meant to be, they will be. It seems that summer love is very powerful... and im sure alot of us will agree... I miss my summer love!

A Summer Romance | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/20/08

They are a couple who meets during the summer. They have no worries or cares about their summer romance. The problem is that it is just that, a romance meant only for the summer. At the end of summer they plan to part and go their seperate ways. As time passes they grow closer, as Labor day signals the end of summer and the beginning of each person's new life. Before she leaves, they share one last passionate night and say goodbye.

The feeling that neither of them will actually forget the romance and move on quickly being unlikey is present. Also, the sense that the girls has made plans, while the male singer of the song is staying behind is also a strong possiblility. It leaves you to think that she knows it is best for them to be apart and that he wants anything but to be apart. He also knows, however, what will make her happy and lets her go.

Summer romances can never stay in the summer.

Summer skin | Reviewer: SC | 5/30/08

the beauty of the song is in it's interpretation.

I agree with the reviews about the innocence and beauty of summer, and summer love. However, there is present a melancholy tone as well. The seaons changing brought forth a changing in "their" relationship.

I also feel the sense of acceptance, in the last part where he sings "and I knew your heart I couldn't win..", as if he tried to revive what they had, yet the passage of time eroded their once passionate love.

that's, at least, my interpetation.

Love and Change | Reviewer: Lucy | 6/4/08

This song is really cool. I'm trying to learn the gutar tabs. i love it!i

i think this song is about two people in a relationship in summer that are in love and having loads of fun in summer. i think "Summer Skin" is a metaphore of them being like a different person in summer and being happier.

"Labour day came and went" well labour day is the 1st of may and the start of spring. i reacon this means that the end of summer has come and gone and they're starting to feel differently about each other and starting to drift apart abit because maybe they cant spend as much time together because summer vacation is over and all. they are starting to feel the cold (not literally lol)

i think in the end they have a fight ("on the night you left i came over and we peeled the freckles from our shoulders") "and i knew your heart i couldn't win" i think he has decided that he can't win her over and she's leaving. they can't be together anymore. then they shed what was left of they're summer skin- all the happy feelings and times together.

thats what i think anyways! lol

love is so complicated | Reviewer: anynmous | 4/9/08

i think this song is just about two people who met and the summer brought them close. they fell in love and really cared for one another.
he loves her and he couldnt win her heart. but she was always there. time goes on and there love faded cuz they didnt see each other. and the winter brought sadness and a hard cold end to there relationship... wether they choose for it to end or nott and they had to go through the tough year as there summer love had to end. but some feelings are still left there. as they got to know each other to there " raw self ". its a song about love. and how the seasons mean differnt stuff. and relationships between to people.

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