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Performed by Death Cab For Cutie

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Obvs about a foreseeable breakup | Reviewer: David | 3/13/13

The song is obviously about a relationship where both people involved know that its over but are too afraid to admit it, and are too hung up on memories of how things used to be.

Reminds my of "Overs" by Paul Simon.

verse translation please help | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/22/11

hy, i love this song so much!
i've found different versions for the following verse
1- All our stable mates highway bound
2- ... all are stable made. Highway bound.

which is the right one?
...and the meaning, please i'm italian it' s very hard for me to understand anyway this verse. ciao

Saying Good-bye | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/10/11

This is far and away my favorite Death Cab song, and definitely the most underrated. I once heard it's about graduating high school, and that made a lot of sense to me. It could refer to any time when you have to say good-bye to people you really care about. "Rows of deserted houses, all our stable mates highway bound" refers to friends from childhood leaving for college. When he sings "The gift of memories, an awful curse, with age it just gets much worse," he's saying that all the memories of growing up are really a curse because they make him nostalgic. The last line is my favorite, "But I won't mind." Despite the pain the memories bring, he realizes that he'd rather have them and bear the pain than have no memories at all. It's such a complex and deep song, but at the same time it's beautifully simple, and the contrast of those two make the song shine.

I don't think so | Reviewer: Ted Nuggent | 8/8/11

I'm going to have to disagree with the previous posters. I think this song is about being a young musician and being on the road. First line takes the final bow (encore). Stablemates already on to next gig (probably opening band). I think you can figure out the rest of the parallels ...

Ben Gibbard capturing Kerouac | Reviewer: Brian Anderson | 11/17/08

Yea this song is pretty clearly about On the Road illustrating the gloominess around the protagonist's journeys and the defeats and misfortunes he recieves on the way. If you've ever read the book you would know this song hits it right on.

gone | Reviewer: theb4ssm4n | 6/18/08

The music itself almost makes you cry with its strange, simplistic beauty. a slow, carrying tempo with a chord structure that just touches you.

seems to be about someone moving on, collecting a week pay, and whos had a tough life. a drifter? some sort of place to place worker? in the end the song says "I wont mind", an take what you get attitude. short and deep, melikes.

Stable song | Reviewer: Angeli | 9/2/07

this song is amazing. it's so gentle and relaxing and the chords are perfect- they enhance the lyrics instead of blaring over them like some other songs. beautiful.

Highway Bound | Reviewer: Gawain | 7/30/06

It's so beautiful. The best thing is the tempo (speed)... it just drifts along, sweeping you gently into its arms. I liked what they did in Stability also, but this version is definitely more understandable. Pure melody.

Stable Song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/5/06

This is about as pretty and unpretentious as it gets. Death Cab seems to ignore all conventional structures and derives its lyrical rhythm from the right place (unlike most groups): the poetry itself.

Beautiful, understated, haunting.

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