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Performed by Death Cab For Cutie

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Re; Girl Interrupted | Reviewer: Walter | 12/15/07

Girl Interrupted, what I believe Ben is talking about when he says that if Heaven and Hell turn on the 'NO's on their vacancy signs, and the whole 'following into the dark' in general is this; Even if there is nothing out there, even if once you die there isn't a heaven or hell, just black, the singer of the song is saying that he'll follow his love into the dark. That even if it's nothing but silent oblivion, he'll still go with her.

Hope that helped. And btw, I'm not saying that he's saying that there isn't an afterlife, just that even if there isn't he'd still go with his love.

the lyrics | Reviewer: simplyrandom | 12/12/07

man, im in love with this song. it sends out this depressing vibe. but its a good thing really. this song is really sad and lovely. ^_^ maybe one day my boyfriend could sing me a love song like this :D

re: mike | Reviewer: listener | 12/9/07

everyone stop shouting about mike's review- he's just a flamer. (Ironic, given his opinion of gays.) ten bucks says he posted just for the attention.
There are elephants in the middle of the room, and then there are mice just pretending.

Holy Shit Mike. Your A Dumb Shit : ) | Reviewer: Phil | 12/9/07

okay wow first of all, anyone wondering who like is, he is a dumb ass that cant spell and obviously has many problems with hearing. i happen to LOVE death cab for cutie and i dont agree with dumbshits like mike. their lyrics are fabulous and they are well thought out and insightful. if anyone is wondering where to find mikes review its the very first one.

GO DEATH CAB!!! WOOT WOOT! oh anyone that likes death cab for cutie might like manchester orchestra or the postal service being that ben gibbard (the lead singer ofr death cab for cutie) lead sings in the postal service. also the decemberist i think sound like death cab. GO DEATH CAB!!!!

a poem set to music | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/9/07

My sister showed me this song a few months ago and I just ran across it and had to get it. I really love it, it's one of those ones poetic enough to stand on its lyrics alone...
If only they'd change the name of the band. that first guy was right, every time i see the artist name i just gotta go on a killing spree... third one today. damn shame.

what this song is about i think.. | Reviewer: Mark | 10/23/07

someone asked what this song it about. what i got from it is a guy who says he will kill himself if his love dies. and they will spened forever together in darkness

this song | Reviewer: janie | 10/5/07

it's such a beautiful song..
this song was used in the ABCnews report about emoculture lol =D it's on youtube now digg it uppp
anyway. great & good lyrics.

About the song I Will Follow You Into the Dark performed by Death Cab For Cutie!!!!! | Reviewer: DE | 9/15/07

DCFC rules this song seriously changed my life hearing it. I wrote something with a little simular chorus totally different but harmony wise kinda reminded me of it when I heard it some time after. Well DCFC seriously outdid themselves when they wrote this song. It's funny no one mentioned the video which is also an amazing work of art. When they come to Canada again I will have to see them. Stay Focused DCFC and keep making music. I'm motivated to make music that much more when I hear songs like this.....

So sad | Reviewer: Jami | 9/14/07

Every time I hear this song, I cry. It is such a sad love song. Whenever I hear it, I sing along, thinking about the people in my life that I love and are no longer with me.

maybe you should have stayed at the catholic school. | Reviewer: Girl Interrupted. | 9/14/07

i love this, its a wondeful love song. Death Cab for Cutie is an amazing band. but im confused..
i dont understand what its saying about Heaven and Hell, and "no tunnel to gates of white"?
whats that supposed to mean?
It wont always be dark. Your either going to Heaven or Hell, regardless how much you love someone.
Or am i just taking it to literal?
Its hard to sing and listen to this, no matter how much i enjoy it, if i dont agree with the message its sending.

...we'll hold each other soon... | Reviewer: Greg | 9/12/07

This is one of the saddest love songs of this generation. This song always leaves me depressed and thinking of my future, till my death. Great song.

nerrrr | Reviewer: sheila | 9/11/07

to everyone who yelled at mike- you're wasting your time. that person is obviously forgein or drunk or seriously mentally ill. he has no idea what he's talking about.
to mike- you need help buddy.

more importantly, this song is amazing.

oh my god | Reviewer: elizabeth | 9/3/07

i was doing my homework on my kitchen table and this song came on my laptop.
i was singing a long, and when the song was almost over i looked at my mom who was sanding by the counter and she was crying.
i love this song so much

I Love these lyircs | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/3/07

I think this song is a good song because to me it tells the story of to lovers that grow up together and take life as it comes to the them and no matter what they go through both bad and good dark or light they will get through it together noing that some day they both will die . SO they dont take life for granted . I love this song so much

Mike, serious? | Reviewer: DMoney | 8/25/07

If you've ever lost someone very close to you, this song holds a lot of meaning. I love this song, and can listen to it over and over and over again without getting tired of this song.

Mike, you're a dipshit.
Do us all a favor and go back to playing with your Legos. It doesn't hurt to be somewhat mature.

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