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The Rat Pack is Back! | Reviewer: Fred | 4/9/11

I grew up in the Reno/ Lake Tahoe area and often went to Las Vegas for vacation in the winter. I am quite familiar with the Rat Pack. I met Sinatra and didn't like him; Sammy Davis was a peach. I never had the chance to meet Dean Martin, although, of the bunch, it was he who I wanted most to meet. Not much interested in Bishop or Lawford. Recently, my wife and I took in a terrific "revival" of Rat Pack music at the Clemons Center in Elmira, NY. These were Rat Pack imitators and they were tremendous. The singing, the voices, the mannerisms all perfect. However the comment above about no one reaching the quality of Martin's deep, rich baritone was true. This singer came damned close though. Sinatra and Davis were phenomenal. If the show "The Rat Pack is Back" arrives in your area and leaves without you seeing it, you missed one really good show. Like my wife told "Frank", Wonderful nostalgia from much better times."

One In A Million | Reviewer: K. Taylor | 3/18/11

I don't believe there will ever be another voice such as Dean Martin. His deep baritone voice set the tone for others to reach, however, to this day, I don't believe that anyone has. There were many who came close but none as memorable as he. In my book he was the best singer in the Rat Pack as his songs always seem to have been flowing from his soul. May he now rest in peace...

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