Dead Poetic, ROCK ON!~ | Reviewer: Annaliese | 6/19/2008

wow, this song is just amazing.
it's great, and i think that it is awesome how a guy would dedicate a song to one of their friends, no matter what had happened.
I really liked this song, it is the first dead poetic song i bought for my ipod, and i listen to it twenty or thirty times in a row and never get tired of it! It's just amazing

Ahhh..refreshing haha.=P | Reviewer: Sheila | 12/22/2007

This song is amazing! The words and feeling match right up with the medoly, and medolic similies of the song. If you listen closely, you'll discover how extremely smart this band is with their usage of music, and musical experience.

Glass in the Tress - Great!!! | Reviewer: Debi | 10/12/2007

I started listening to Dead Poetic a few months ago do to this song "Glass in the Trees". The lyrics in this song tells a story that I can relate to and there is much feeling that goes into this song. I like many other songs by this band, but this is my #1.