Reviews for The Man Who Sold The World Lyrics

Performed by David Bowie

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Boo | Reviewer: Hungryforalynchin | 9/18/12

Ghostworld. Selling your soul to run the rat race, the world for the World, confusing inner & outer. The man on the stairs knows the narrator because he is him, ( in the SIXTH SENSE the spirits are only partly aware of their state). In his effort to remain in total control we lost everything.The narrator searches the world but finds nothing but apparitions, smoke on water,echoes on echoes, the masses of living dead insubstantial like shadows on a cave wall. The song ends on the tortured wails of lost souls, mourning their fate.

Classic | Reviewer: Alex | 5/5/07

Ive read the lyrics refer to a split persoanlity

whatever the case, Bowie makes this song creepy and haunting, helped a long way by t he tortured wailing in the end of it

Bowie is quickly becoming one of my favourites; ive never heard such off kilter, occasionally chilling songs before

Jordis Unga | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/24/05

Jordis Unga recently performed this song on "ROCK STAR INXS" and it was excellent! It is available for downloading. LOVE IT!

The High Priestess | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/29/04

Awesome rythym. This sound will stick in your head all day. There are many great versions including Kurt Cobain's at his MTV unplugged concert.

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