Mesmerizing | Reviewer: Aliciel | 10/29/13

This song is mesmerizing from beginning to end. You're hooked on every words and nuances that come out of David Bowie's mouth. It is very clever song; both simple and complex. Those kind of songs are timeless.
Oh, and to the previous reviewer John Barry; don't bother with the guy. The guy's a fake anyway; saying he's American while sporting a French sentence as a name. Also, he must have learned his English with Google Translate... Hell even that even bad enough.
So don't "waist" your time. Guy should check the dictionary before faking something like this; must have learn the faking part from his girlfriend... Oh nope, something like that sure doesn't have one.

To the idiot who mentioned David Guetta..... | Reviewer: John Barry | 7/2/13

Obviously you're one of the most dumbest fucking people to ever comment, if you don't have anything else better to say than leave asshole, why are you even here? David Guetta fucking sucks and David Bowie rules and he's a legend and you're just a fucking idiot. Dumbass.... ;(

A chaos | Reviewer: david bowie la fiote | 2/21/13

I am amrican and I am the biggest fan of david guetta, and I like the good music. That's why I wanted take a look at the song. This song is obviously a catastrophy I waist 3 minutes of my life (3min 'cause I couldn't listen longer) David bowie is a whimp and I am disappointed of his behavious. He is dressed like a bird.
kiss my ass bunch of loser

covers | Reviewer: Scott | 12/2/12

Heard the Seu Jorge cover of "Life on Mars?" on the Life Aquatics soundtrack. Though the orginal is an awesome song (my personal Bowie favorite)the Seu Jorge version is equally worth listening too. I'd recommend checking it out for those who haven't heard. He also has done a few other Bowie covers such as Rebel Rebel, and 5 years.

A great source for a rock education | Reviewer: smartergirl | 8/6/12

For a good start on a broad range of rock history (and currant music) and it's roots try listening to WXRT FM in Chicago. Hopefully you are lucky enough to stream it online. On radio it is 93.1.

life on mars | Reviewer: popeye | 7/2/12

What an brilliant track. I've been watching Bowie vids from the early 70's recently and can't get over how beautifull he was. I think i'm in love with the Bowie that was, crooked teeth and all. His mannerisms, body language, the glint in his eye. Fantastic lyrics to most of his songs (some not so good) but then it would just be too much if he were consistantly brilliant in everything. Oh what a shame I was not there during in early days.

My Generation | Reviewer: Jauncey | 11/21/10

I just want to say, I admire all you guys who have looked up Bowie after hearing covers. You are all cool ;)

Now, to all the prejudiced twerps on here:
I am fourteen, and I have been brought up around rock music (since I was born) by two rocker parents. If this makes me a 'true' Bowie fan, then you're all a bit stupid. I personally don't like things like American Idol and the X Factor, but if these get our generation away from computer generated schpiel like Lady Gaga and Rihanna, then isn't that a good thing? I personally think it's great if a cover (whether it's good or bad) converts someone to a new music style. I have been a lifelong Bowie fan, and was introduced to it by my parents. But I am also a huge Elton John fan, and that was after hearing Ellie Gouling's cover of 'Your Song'! I still hate that version, but after hearing it I looked up the original. I even discovered other bands I like, such as Creedance Clearwater Revival, through games like Rock Band!

So really, I don't see what the fuss is about. AS the rock communtiy, we get enough ridiculke from other music styles - we don't need to argue amongst ourselves as to how you should discover artists. It's childish and stupid. And, oh yes, I am also often called a 'Goth' and get annoyed about people called themselves 'Metalheads' when they haven't heard of Black Sabbath, but I don't tell them they shouldn't be in the scene at all!

Kiera Reply | Reviewer: Facelessk | 9/20/10

i wasnt a big fan until i heard his ziggy stardust tour stuff in the '70s you should check out like five years or any song played at the hammersmith or santa monica in '73 its his best work in my opinion, or if ur into the '80s stuff go4 modern love or fame very goodf '80s music,
infact anyone who doesnt understand why david bowie is awesome should listen to these hits

Who cares?? | Reviewer: Kiera | 8/14/10

What does it matter how someone discovers a classic artist, especially if that someone is very young and just learning abpout great music? Yes, Ellen first found out about Bowie on American Idol. I, myself didn't become a fan of his stuff until "Golden Years" was featured in the film 'A Knight's Tale'. I am still not a big fan, I only like some of his stuff. This one, "Life On Mars," being my favorite. Stop being so self- rightous and snobby and remember that different generations discover older things in different ways.

... | Reviewer: Kaela | 7/13/10

I actually found bowie from a game i own, and several people my age have heard the song and remembered it from games, mostly because they can never pass the level, but now they are all huge bowie fans. As to other people singing Bowie's songs I thnk it's a good thing. after all some fans found him from watchin american idol or whatever even if they do get famouse off someone elses work they might have helped someone becaome a fan of a truly great artist.

In reply to MusicCatFreak | Reviewer: DidoPixie | 7/13/10

Yes his looks have changed. It's called getting older. I mean look at Anthony Michael Hall. He looks nothing now like he did when he was young.

Although Bowie has gained some weight (and I really don't think he has gained that much....just now he is not skinny) and he has either gotten his teeth straightened or gotten veneers, I think he looks great for 63. I prefer the older Bowie to the younger skinny one anyway.

Just About David Bowie | Reviewer: MusicCatFreak | 6/2/10

I am what you would call from the latest generation, I have seen covers of David Bowie's work. I have seen those awesome original songs placed in modern day games that have to do with music such as "Rock Band" and "Guitar Hero". Those games do not promote the song or just let you listen to it. Now something I like to get out of the way before going to the point: Are those kids really listening to the song or are they just paying attention to how many buttons they can hit?
Now here's something about David Bowie I noticed over the years: his physical appearance has changed. Literally his appearance has changed fans. I would not want to say that his music videos are a reliable source, but compare how he looks by facial features. Yes he is the music genius we love, but his looks have changed.
I highly doubt plastic surgery if you are wondering if I am trying to say that. Nooo, David Bowie doesn't need no damn plastic surgery.

May David Bowie forever be a rock GOD! | Reviewer: Michele | 5/31/10

Please be patient with those that are just "discovering" Bowie. I'm 42 and was introduced to Bowie via my aunt who would blast "Fame" and "Space Oddity." Then by the time I was old enough to go to the "record" store, "Let's Dance" had just released. It can sometimes feel annoying when the new generation hear classics via "American Idol" or "Guitar Hereo." I had students that began talking about this "new" song called "Paint it Black" and my nephew hanging Jimi Hendrix posters and wearing Iron Maiden shirts. I have students that ask me if I'm "goth." They are young. Be patient. And be happy that our music idols from our youth are become music idols of the future.

-sigh- | Reviewer: Kat | 5/28/10

I will love David Bowie forever. Seriously it's great that you you enjoyed his song but you can't really say you're a huge fan until you've heard his hundereds of other songs. And by the way that Adam guy had no business singing Bowie. Its like covering The Beatles or The Cure. It cant be done, all it ever does is make their real fans want to cry for the death of their music. Seriously. I hope to god I don't hear that cover.

get a life | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/11/10

Can I just say, Ellen I admire the fact you looked up the song. I'm glad your a Bowie fan now, its a wonderous ride with him. I too was introduced to Bowie via someother band. The Cure covered Young American's and I thought it was fantastic and looked it up. Tis written by Bowie not Robert Smith, and the rest is history.

As for the other reviewers, what the fuck is wrong with you people that you would critize someone for how they found this song? Did you wake up one day and go," Oh Bowie is brillant."
I'm sure you too had to find the song somewhere.

Yes, it is a sad thing that Lambert and these others jackasses get famous for singing other peoples work. Nevertheless, there is no way in hell that stupid man can ever sound as good as Bowie, and when those fans hear the orginal they will know their wrong.