Lambert sucks | Reviewer: Curly | 3/26/10

Ellen, I'm sorry..but if you didn't know Bowie's work before hearing about it because Adam Lambert was going to sing it then you can't call yourself a Bowie fan. it's sad that you referred to Bowie as "new music", how old are you that you are looking up a retarded american idol tour seriously? adam lambert sucks.

American Karaoke | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/17/09

ah, what an awful state of music we are in - people becoming famous for singing someone else's work. I guess it really isn't too terribly different than what Elvis did (he never wrote any songs, right? Or, for that matter, what Milli Vanilli did.)

Ass-Backwards | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/30/09

You should be looking up this song because David Bowie is a genius, not because someone is singing his material on American Idol. American Idol is to music as McDonalds is to Hamburgers. Everyone loves to swallow it, but that's only because no one knows what a really good hamburger tastes like anymore.

so excited! | Reviewer: ellen | 7/7/09

only looked up this song because adam lambert is going to sing this song at the american idol tour ... and im so excited this is a frikin awesommme song! hUGE david bowie fan now ... im glad to be introduced to new music from mr. lambert. really good song :)