I bloody LOVE David Bowie!! | Reviewer: Delilah | 8/12/11

This song is great!! I heard this song for the very first time last month while on youtube, David was on the Kenny Everett Show. Hearing it for the first time was like magic! I still get the first time shivers when I hear it! I Love You David!!!

boys and girls | Reviewer: mistressofallshesurveys | 4/17/08

given bowies ambiguous sexuality, this song is tongue in cheek about being a boy... and the best version i've heard of it is a very pared back 8track version from the early eighties sung by bily mackenzie of the associates - perfection.

Hm. Yeah. =D | Reviewer: Jareth | 7/14/07

Great song. ^^ Love the intro. Really great. Boyss keep swinging! (Why doesn't he just make another song 'bout girls? xP Lol. He needs to!)