Aplause, aplause, Standing Ovation. | Reviewer: free-energy | 9/23/09

I have a workshop with neighboring workshops and garage bands and mechanics between downtown and the hood.
Young, old, black, white, hispanic. Sometimes I play my music way too loud, (turnabout is fair play).
When I play the closing credits of "The Matrix Reloaded" in DVD on my shop system I get comments from everyone "That old white guy plays some great music. It makes me feel good.
The credit goes to The Dave Matthews Band and the film directors and music editors that put together a great set.

This piece is a great closer, following as it does Rage Against The Machine, Rob Zombie, POD, a little Linkin Park to catch your breath before being slammed again by yet another great piece of music.

The Matrix has a lot of dance nightclubs in it. Sarasota is revamping a successful night club to play this type of mix. It should be a reveling hit.

A song this good is hard to find the right words for, so I set up where it belongs just to try to get started.

Innovative, a mission to the unexplored region with previously unknown techniques. Guns for Somalia, Grain for Los Angeles. Words fail me.