Broken by a loss | Reviewer: Reviewer2013 | 5/21/13

I listened to this song a blue-million times after losing a baby and felt like it was written for me and my husband and our baby that became "the space between" us; we couldn't talk about our loss, we just cried; drifted apart emotionally; and he pulled me back - as to say I couldn't quit him so quickly. He was my rock and we rallied after that loss and he still keeps me "safe from the pain". Many years later we had another child and the lost child is truly "the space between".

So Beautiful | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/13/12

For me this song is so very very clear--
Its not a song about forbidden love-- its actually the opposite
The song set up is that two soul mates have experienced an event which has caused one of them to withdraw (probably one cheated on the other)
The space between refers to what was created when the other found out and where now the singer lives in limbo
The space between refers to what he has left despite his love for her
He watches the rain coming down the window like sadness- her eyes show the pain of his lies
Wicked lies
When one soul mate finds that the other cheated, craziness ensues-- here devil in a crowded room- ship going down etc.
And the only thing he can do is wait...with love

a mirror | Reviewer: tere | 10/3/11

this song represents all that´s happening right know in my relationship plus My boyfriend and I love Dave M. Band. I guess i can give it a shot and understand it in a different way. But I dunno want to XD

timeless... and awesome video | Reviewer: Richard | 6/2/11

I have always loved this song and the accompanying video - true poetry, artistry and creativity this is what music is all about.
Deeply moved (not sure why exactly, just am) by the performance, and now the lyrics!

Amazing song | Reviewer: Adam | 3/25/11

I think this song is about the difference between us. Race, religion, sex, all the little "traits" that divides the human race as a complete unit. The term The Space Between can interpret the "heart" "soul" "inner self"

meaning | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/22/11

I know it's impossible to pinpoint an exact meaning for a song, no one can get right in the artists head and really dig into it but I think "The space between" is referring to the time between the tears and the fights and the lack of trust or honesty in a relationship. From the point of view of the lyricist it's almost like he's saying he lives and waits in the times between those fights, he lingers in there because he knows how amazing their relationship can be so if he transcends himself to a time when everything is alright it makes the pain more bearable, but also that they're not working out well when they're living fight to fight and not having a healthy relationship.

my take | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/17/11

I think it is about two people that have this deep connection and love for one another but they cant be together. They know it isn't right to end their current relationships for one another but they will always hold onto one another dear and close to their hearts.

my view | Reviewer: Sam | 10/22/09

I think its about two people that have broken up and are still in love. However, they need time to figure out what it is they really want. Well at least one of them needs time to figure things out. The person singing the song is willing to wait forever for that person to finally realize that they are meant for each other. Since one of them already knows, they constantly fight about what happened and how things are know after they had broken up.

I finally "get it" | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/4/08

I'm probably one of the biggest DMB fans ever and I haven't seen then in concert yet!

For months I've wanted to look the lyrics to this song up because I never quite "got it". Finally, I looked them up and I LOVE IT even more than I thought!!!!

It's so interesting to me to read other people's interpretation of any song, especially the interpretation about God that someone mentioned before. I am actually looking for signs of God right now and that isn't at all what it meant to me!

To me it meant that a relationship starts with something awesome that has an "in between" that could possibly lead to a bad thing in the end so just "walk out" of it in the "Space Between" and we'll live "happily ever after". Don't go where it looks like it is leading (the end). Just walk out now in the space between and everything will be fine.

That's my take on it.... (for now anyway...ever noticed how you may get a different meaning every time you listen to a song?)



30 Min Later | Reviewer: Missy | 7/4/08

Wow! Not sure if my previous message took or not, but my point is that when you listen to a song from a different perspective (even someone else's) you can get a whole different meaning! It's amazing! Kinda WIERD!!!


I LOVE THIS SONG!!! | Reviewer: patrick scribner | 12/31/07

this song is very touching and i wish that everyone in the world can hear it. i listen to this song every morning before school. dave matthews ROCKS!!!!

the space between | Reviewer: Josh Soto | 7/10/07

to say i love this song would be such an understatement...the story it reflects and the emotions that are enraged at the sound of the lyrics that scream...make me smile remembering the good old days...

what the world needs to hear | Reviewer: Dan | 10/1/05

God is with you, waiting to be noticed, so he can hold you again. You'll find him in the silence of the spaces between, away from the wickedness, where love is all there is.
Great to know that there are some conscious people giving out this beautiful message. Powerful song in all respects.

beautiful | Reviewer: tracie | 9/12/05

very moving. Goosebumps stand up on my arms just when I hear the first chords.

Awesome | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/4/04

Master lyricist, soulful emotional voice. Moves me like little else does.