Dave's the Greatest | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/13/07

i went to Gainesville last night to watch you play at the swamp and you rock!! i thought you were better then the peppers. keep making music Dave, and keep coming to Orlando and other local concert halls, we need more dave in florida!!!
thanks for all the great music

Crazy how it felt last night!! | Reviewer: DMB whore in IL | 8/27/07

Just came home from ALPINE VALLEY!! I've been to 10 shows and always sat on the lawn, if you've never sat close DO IT!...The best show I've ever seen hands down Alpine '07...Keep rollin Dave we all love you and can't get enough!

Question for super fans... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/26/07

My sister was recently at the Alpine Valley show... she was wondering if anyone recognizes the melody to his new song #27... she thought it sounded like another song she knows.
Thanks for the help

The BEST BAND EVER... | Reviewer: #41 Proudest Monkey | 8/6/07

The beauty begins with Dave's most wonderous words of love, life, death, reality and escaping reality. So many people can relate to the lyrics, and then when they all play together in their beautiful way....it becomes Heaven on Earth!~~~BEST BAND EVER~~~The Gorge Rocks!

~DMB Junkie and PROUD of it~

Late Bloomer | Reviewer: Diane | 7/25/07

I'm 51 and just got turned on big time to DMB this year, and saw my first concert last month. Even though I was in the 2nd balcony, I sang and danced through the whole concert! Honestly, I haven't heard such terrific music since my bands of the 70's, like Chicago, the Moody Blues and Jethro Tull. Sorry I missed you all these years, Dave, but now I can't stop listening to your CDs. I hope to be able to see you in concert again (but this time with seats closer to the stage) and look forward to the next CD you put out. Thanks for giving me faith in music again.

About the artist/band Dave Matthews Band and Dave Matthews | Reviewer: Anthony | 5/6/07

Best Band of our time. Their songs really relate to modern things.unlike rap singing about screwing girls and nice cars.

DMB... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/27/07

is the most AMAZING band in the entire world.Where we would be without them, i have nooo clue!!!

No words to explain | Reviewer: Paul | 2/15/07

There are seriously no words powerful enough to explain how good Dave and his band are. I would pay money just to listen to him talk and a lot more to listen to him do his thing. His voice, look, and down to earth attitude is why I like him as much as I do. I have been to about 11 of his concerts, including one with Tim Reynolds. They are unbelievably good together. Priceless music.

LOVE DMB! | Reviewer: Jay | 1/29/07

I saw DMB in Phoenix in 2006 they were amazing! I hope to see them again!

read this | Reviewer: eureka89@hotmail.com | 10/25/06

i think that when DMB started at 1991, they created a whole new music universe...i always ask myself what kind of music DMB plays....but it's just a strange "melange" of jazz, classical, pop, rock....what else? i dare you to find something similar to DMB's music!! it's just magical, original, unique!! another thing....Dave Matthews should come with LeRoi, Tinsley, Lessard and Beauford to Colombia and many other places!! i'm unbelievably sure DMB music is known and listened all over the world!! he's just "listenner supported"!!

amazing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/25/06

Dave Matthews and everyone in the band are the most amazing, wonderful, talented musicians and people in this world.. I've been listening to their music for years and they cease to amaze me... I love it! They are my favorite band in this world! I cannot wait to see them once again in August! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!

the bomb | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/11/06

dave matthews is the bomb. how anyone could not like his music is beyond me

. | Reviewer: Bradley T. Parsons | 5/4/06

If you dont like DMB, you're a nazi. If you're a nazi who likes DMB, well, thats a whole different story.

dave | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/17/05

dave is one of my favorite artist. there just something about him and his music its great. i love his song and cant wait to see him in concert again

sah | Reviewer: sarah | 9/10/05

I think that Dave and the rest of the band are the most talented musicians and wonderful people in the world. Dave is almost magical the way he touches myheart. I truly love them.