The Great Mattews | Reviewer: Luis Martinez | 2/6/13

He is simply GREAT. So complex and so gent... #41, Cortez, and many others great songs... make me feel like I´m living at the music´s wings... just great... wonderful, his voice, his lyrics, his musicians... so jazzy, so him... WONDERFUL, thanks a lot my friend keeps on going giving us this great moments of travel music´s dreams ... so hot, so high... Try it and enjoy it.

Amazing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/28/09

I am sitting here writing a paper about Dave Matthew's and the themes in his music, and I find myself unable to put his music into words. I feel like i should just turn in his C.D. and let everyone hear the music, because his music is just so complex and amazing that I can't describe it it a paper.

Hartford 06/06/09 | Reviewer: davematthewsfan123 | 6/7/09

Hartford 2009. Simply phenomenal. There is not a better word for it. #41 was the best it's ever been. Funny the Way It Is was an AMAZING opener. Great job DMB, 5 stars!

Best live: Live at Radio City Music Hall

Ya gotta give them a chance..... | Reviewer: Sean | 3/13/09

My fault everybody. I accidently submitted my last post before I finished. I will continue it now.

So oe day my friend, my girlfriend, and I were drving home from this party and we were all tired. So my buddy puts on this CD and it was acoustic and relaxing and beuatiful in every sense of the word. He was dropping us off and as I was getting out of the car I said, "Dude, who was that? That was so good. I need you to copy that CD for me." His answer, "That was Dave dude." SInce then I have become one fo the biggest DMB fans you will ever meet. I don't listen to anything but Dave now. Haha so the moral of my story is that everyone should give Dave Matthews an open minded won't regret it.

Ya gotta give them a chance..... | Reviewer: Sean | 3/13/09

I was one of those guys who listened to a variety of music from country to rock to classic rock to punk. But if you asked me to listen to Dave Matthews I would shut you down. One of my best friends has been a DMB fan as long as I can remember. I remember sitting in his car fro 10 minutes because he always tried to show me these apparently amazing Dave Matthews songs. I would always say there not my style and I would leave it at that.

FANS | Reviewer: derek hovis | 11/26/08

There is just something special inside all dmb members and fans, the love and respect we all share for music and each other. God bless Leroi he will live forever through records thank you for all you gave us. I saw dave this year in memphis(Sledgehammer!!!!!!). its amazing all the feelings dave's lyrics can bring out in us. I dont think its possible to have a favorite.

DMB continues to mark there spot at "Deer Creek" | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/27/08

I just got back from a two day concert at what is now Verizon Wireless Music Center but used to be "Deer Creek". It was worth the 12 hour fact I would do it every weekend. This is the third year I have been to Deer Creek to see DMB and I have to tell you that it has definitely in the upper echelon of venues. I never realized how many people traveled from all over to see Dave Matthews in Indy. We actually ran into a couple from the UK that flew in just to see the show. The chemistry this band has in indy is unbelievable and unlike anywhere else. DMB AT DEER CREEK IS A MUST!!!!

INCREDIBLE band | Reviewer: LicensedPoet | 7/6/08

I just saw DMB at the Charlotte Verizon Amphitheater and it was possibly the best concert I have ever been to. This group has an incomparable sound and stage quality. Can't wait for Live Trax 2008.

Amazing! | Reviewer: Sweety | 5/24/08

D.M.B is really amazing, I love them and just when I thought that I pretty much knew them I came across this song. They just keep getting better.I love everything about this band they are really great.Whenever I get sometime to myself I listen to D.M.B and nomatter how bad my day was it just seems to make things better.

Late Bloomer Revisited | Reviewer: Barry Elder | 3/17/08

I, like the previous poster, "Late Bloomer", am in my 50's. My children have always exposed me to new sounds and groups (they are in their 20's). Some I really like ('Godsmack', 'Rage Against The Machine', grunge and metal bands, etc. To date my very favorite is Dave Matthews, on so many levels. Is it Jazz/Rock Fusion? I don't know but I do know that if I meet a DMB fan anywhere on Earth, I have met a beautiful, thoughtful and caring person I can trust. So is the message Mr. Matthews conveys to those who really listen, we all have the potential of being beautiful, thoughtful and caring, all we need to learn is trust.

DMB is amazing! | Reviewer: Jamie | 1/21/08

I have seen Dave Matthews Band twice. I have also seen Dave Matthews play with Tim Reynolds once. I highly recommend to everybody to see at least one live show of Dave playing with Tim Reynolds. They're absolutely amazing together.
I love the lyrics, I love singing and dancing to the sweet music. And I hope by the time I'm 25, I will have seen them at least ten times. [Shall probably be successful seeing as how I'm only 18 and have been averaging one a year for the past three years.]
But please, check out Dave and Tim Reynolds. You won't be disappointed! =]

radio city | Reviewer: Josh | 11/30/07

I must recommend the dvd with dave matthews and tim reynolds at the radiocity music hall....the best thing ever addiction would be an understatement

i<333dmb | Reviewer: Hope | 10/25/07

dave matthews band is by far the best band of this generation. i have lots of albums and i went to a concert this august. they sound even better live !! their music has real meaning and i could listen to dave all day !!!

Great show at the Hollywood Bowl | Reviewer: Jess | 10/2/07

My first Dave Matthews concert and loved it! The only thing I missed was hearing my favorite song "Crash Into Me". Great show last night on Oct 1st!

Saw DMB just last night | Reviewer: Beth | 9/26/07

4th time at a DMB concert at Cricket Pavilion in PHX. Full moon, perfect weather, sitting in the grass. Absolutely phenomenal combination of variables as a backdrop to one of the best performing live groups there is today.