Represents America Today | Reviewer: howlin | 10/30/13

This represents what has come before in the history of man. It could represent the Romans, the british Empire, the United States, the Middle East. Is this our fate? These lyrics are spot on but like al other songs they represent a meaning to the listener.

@ Isaac Morales Fernndez | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/31/12

The song fits your description very well but the Native American ideas listed below are actually correct. Dave discussed his inspiration for the song on VH1 storytellers and confirmed that it was based on the loss of the Native American culture and way of life.

The video can be found on youtube if needed.

It's about israelian invasion in Palestine | Reviewer: Isaac Morales Fernndez | 8/24/12

Friends, you all have nice opinions about this song and our native americans, but this song is really about the occupation of Israel in Palestine's lands ("no room´╗┐ for both, just room for me"). That's why he sings a gibberish like an arab (palestine) chant. "Lay your arms down" is what told United Nations to Palestine. When he say "you were banished" and "your land is gone and given to me", that's just what happened, so Israel the "new neighbor","will call it home". Heaven is the "promise land".

It's about colonialism. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/16/11

Colonialism. Plain and simple.
From Wikipedia : Colonialism is the establishment, maintenance, acquisition and expansion of colonies in one territory by people from another territory.

In other words, "Get out! This is ours now."

This is one of my favorite songs from BTCS. The power and rage at the end says it all. He speaks for the natives.

Mac The Knife | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/23/10

I also feel this songs tells the story of how America forced the native Americans off of their own rightful land. They basically told them "leave or we will kill you." they didn't care if thier ancestors had inhabited that land for generations. They took what they wanted, period. I love this song because DMB goes bananas playing it live.

The healing song.... | Reviewer: Kara Fulcher | 11/20/09

To me, 'Don't Drink the Water' represents 'cleansing' your house of all bad spirits from the past...for me, it really struck hard because he mentioned the father's father abused me tremendously and because of that I have had to learn how to 'rid' his spirit from my soul and from my marriage and from my life. So, it's about telling all the abusers that they can know where and stay there!!!!!!

Manifest Destiny | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/4/09

I think it represent when anyone has just barged in and taken away someones home and culture for their own greed. So this could represent most of americas history of us constantly pushing the native americans out of their homeland because we believed it belonged to us.

Dont drink the water for the trail of tears | Reviewer: D.T. | 1/10/08

I feel this song beautifully expresses the horrific story of the Trail of Tears. The forced relocation and genocide of several Native American tribes solely for the benefit of immigrant settlers. It is one of my favorite Dave Matthews songs one that speaks of a tragic event in our history. Something most people would like to forget but should not be forgotten.

Class Discussion | Reviewer: B. Remington | 11/29/06

I use this song to teach middle school students to Analyze,margin note, and think about Government.