Yes, and about the music... | Reviewer: Brett | 2/10/10

The lyrics are cool, but the music I think is awesome. Moody, but rhythmic, lots of building and dynamics, and an awesome whacked out jam at the end, with the instruments fading out one by one until you're left with just the mandolin and guitar, then just the guitar fading away. Really wicked awesome to listen to.

love Dave Matthews!!!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/23/09

I love all of Daves songs!!! But this one really moves me. It make me really wonder who I could have been. What is a dancing nancy anyways? I well! Love Dave Matthews songs!! One I think is the bestest iz um hmmmm Stay or Leave, Halloween, Grave Digger, and Dancing Nancies!!!!!!

It makes you wonder... | Reviewer: Andrew | 11/22/08

This song makes me appreciate who i am because if you really think about it, you could be someone else in a less fortunate situation. Everyone should be thankful for who they are b/c that is how it was meant to be and you should be thankful for every oppurtunity you are presented with...