The Buildup Makes it | Reviewer: Chris | 3/16/10

The most amazing part about this song is how it builds from the feeling of an internal struggle to profess his love to him just laying it out on the line. The reality is, these words are what we want to say to almost every person that we have ever loved but didn't have the ability to communicate. Dave is the man!

Amazingly beautiful | Reviewer: Elisabeth Annie | 6/15/09

This song is amazing. It has to be one of the best love songs Ive ever heard. Its too not so deep, but still not easy. Its really hard to explain the text and the meaning, even explaining the song. But its a wonderful

How love should be | Reviewer: James | 9/7/07

Isn't love like this at the beginning of any relationship? The trick is to make it like this the whole way through. Just finished the weekend at the Gorge where DMB played for 3 days. Nirvana is what it is...Heaven

Mattews | Reviewer: Renelio | 8/21/07

DMB is one of the best groups i have ever heard...he got the feel, he has everything....i will never miss one of you concert...

thanks | Reviewer: Stéphane | 7/4/07

Probably the best love song ever written and composed. Thanks. Do well and do sing for another 50 years.
Thanks again.

Awesome Song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/19/07

Who hasn´t felt what the song says at some point and don´t know how to say it, DM is a genious!!!! Great Song...

Crush | Reviewer: Gaby | 4/1/07

this song is really amazing and lovely..Dave has sexy songs ..ang is full of feelings ...I'm crazy about DMB they are the best group i have ever listened can't miss them!!!

I Love It | Reviewer: Molly | 5/18/05

I love this song, ha theyre right, it really is beautiful. I love all DMB songs, their new CD is pretty cool too, different, but good. The words are amazing to Crush

I agree | Reviewer: Sara | 2/18/05

It's a absolutely beautiful song... not to mention a beautiful man sings it... lol

Best Love Song | Reviewer: Erin | 12/24/04

This song is the best love song I know. It doesn't fit the usual mold for love songs, as it's not sappy or too slow, but it really is beautiful if you listen to the music.