a great song....love you guys!!!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/21/2008

I just want to say how talented and soulful I think Dave Matthews and his band are..they epitomize what music should sound like..I am so happy and so grateful to this band..they are AWESOME...especially this song..American Baby....keep producing great songs, guys..I love you Dave!!

meaning | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/16/2007

Buried in the song, is the true meaning of the song inspired by a rift done by Boyd the day after the 2004 presidental election. America, in the view of the storyteller, is not the America he believe it should be. If we don't change the ways of the government, "I'm afraid we've lost the way." It boils down to the feelings of some in America in the eyes of the storyteller after the 2004 election. The storyteller sees that, "the devil is proud" with the way America is now, but there still is hope of the more innocent time America had, when America was a 'baby'.

Amazing. | Reviewer: Kelsie | 8/13/2007

He didn't sing this song, but its ok because he played it at the concert I was at before.
He's just amazing.

Hah, | Reviewer: Jon | 4/29/2007

Rob you hit it RIGHT on mayn.
this song almost makes me cry in the winter cause it just makes me think of the summer of '05 and golfing.
great song.

Summer Anthem | Reviewer: Rob | 5/14/2005

Every year, one song stands out, the one you'll hear on the portable radios at every beach. American Baby is that song. Just listen, around 4th of July weekend at the beach or shore or ocean, you'll hear this song and forever think of the summer of '05.

this is music. | Reviewer: scott | 4/22/2005

i love this song. it is simple, yet very effective. it has a great melody, killer beat, and thoughtful, poignant lyrics. this band continues to improve over time.

SMOKIN! | Reviewer: Heather | 4/12/2005

I'm shocked...I have to agree with the above on this one...didn't think I could be more impressed and in awe of this band, but they DID IT again!
Stand Up rocks - American Baby is so impressive - between Boyd's part throughout and Dave's sultry voice, I like it more every time I hear it! Can't wait to see it live this summer!!!!!!!

Awesome | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/4/2005

I never thought I could love Dave Matthews more then I did! But I do. Amazing song!

SWEET SONG | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/1/2005

This is a great song the whole STAND UP ALBUM IS GREAT!