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Performed by Dashboard Confessional

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lips??? | Reviewer: dude | 10/4/07

ok, when he says part ur lips and feal my finger tips, i have a funny feeling hes NOT talking about her lips on her face. just MY interpretation...???

Learning | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/10/07

By no means is this a contest, but I spent 10 days in LA County Jail and learned a lot thru my last relationship, of which this song very much hits home!!! Take what you can from what you've got...

i love it | Reviewer: Marites | 8/24/07

i love this song very much espcially the vocalist hmmmmm.. the first time i heared this song i am in love.. dashboard confessional i love u guys. i love you tobey...

yeah! it's true.. | Reviewer: drey | 8/22/07

mah fwend send this song to me.. it's only know that i knew well more all about him.. he's a boy. some says_he used to love me but osme says_never would he be inlove me me.. wahahaha.. ewan nga!!!!!!!!! till there.. i'll try to say more stories about us next time.. muwah..! i love this song. it's true to our dail life..

GALING!!! | Reviewer: sharie | 8/19/07



So touching... | Reviewer: Andrea Asuncion | 8/16/07

I was really touched when I heard this song the first time. Especially when I had a fight with my guy friend. Then, I realized that I love him because I cried all night. This is really a great song!


moment | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/19/07

the video is to my special 1.well even if we're not together,i hope he'd remember me when he hears the song,the same way i do,when i hear this song.

Vindicated Reviewed. | Reviewer: Markus denBraber | 7/9/07

I love this song. It's awesome. It's so real, like they shot you into reality. The lyrics are awesome. It's probably one of my favourite songs. Dashboard Confessionals are good in general. They're just so real. I love them
"Vindicated, I am selfish I am wrong, I am right, I swear I'm right, I swear I knew it all along."

O_o it's simply the best! | Reviewer: Laura | 6/23/07

very nice song! this and wherever you will go by "The Calling" are my favourites!!!:) let's hear it! wOw

cool......really cool | Reviewer: raman thongam | 6/14/07

a really nice song...when i first listen to this song i dont know the name of the friend let me to listen this song and he was saying the name of the song is slip away..and after hearing this song i became a big fan of dashboard confessional.....

Cool! | Reviewer: rama | 6/14/07

Finally i can sing a song and reading the lyric....i`m so happy!!

Saimon | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/11/07

Hi I'm from Poland!! And all I want to say is...Shut the fuck up..:D just LISTEN...:D

Love it | Reviewer: Hillary | 6/8/07

I love this song. It's amazing, true, and deep. I can't get enough of it, and it never ages to me.

good one | Reviewer: metalslang | 6/11/07

i just read all these comments. and i got nothing to write.

Cool and I am Vindicated | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/10/07

This song was the OST of spiderman 1.Great power comes great responsibility and its killing me everytime I hear this song yeah....

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