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Performed by Dashboard Confessional

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Deep Meaning for me | Reviewer: Deal Maker | 6/7/07

This song represents every person out there that have slipped through the cracks of marriage and accidentaly found new opportunity, and do the right thing

Let me slip away....

It has to be one of the best songs of this Generation

OMFG | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/5/07

this song is sooooooooooo cute! i love the chorus. great song. not emo-y. its just a great song! LOVE it.

OMG!!!! | Reviewer: Brittni | 5/31/07

This is the best song ever....i love it. the words are so great. the line "I am seeing in me now the things you swore you saw yourself" is so beautiful.this song gets a 9999999999999999999/10 from me. also that line ^ is my siggy, so its that good:D...

ugula bugula | Reviewer: jess | 5/29/07

this song is almost as hot as my ear...ask ear is hot!!!!!!!!

my fav. song by my fav. band!! | Reviewer: sandy | 5/22/07

i love love love this song so very much!! it is so good. the lyrics just talk to me, they are so true! Chris is just a lyrical genius!!!this is a very good song with very good words, it is emotional without being too emotional.

awesome | Reviewer: Lionel | 5/20/07

i dint know this song's title until i got to the ending of spiderman 2 and i just simply have to listen to it till i get the title.

Next thing i knew, it's on my comp and repeating over and over again. Simply AWESOME!!!

Awesome | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/21/07

Its stuck in my head now and i'm lovin' every moment of it~

vindacated | Reviewer: claire | 5/7/07

i love this song so much that i went all the way to mcnchester just to hesr it be played and i live in newzeland

spiderman 2's magnum opus | Reviewer: mathew peters | 5/6/07

to listen to this masterpiece of modern indie, one would be forgiven for dismissing it as simply the result of another emo band with far too much "angst". however if you give it time and let the bittersweet chords and lyrics sweep over you, you arrive at a more cathertic plain, that carries the listner from this simple quondry. pushing all thought of the, perhaps, overly jingoistic themes from ones mind it both liftis you through the rousing chorus and paradoxically turns the heart-wrenching preface and epilogue into something resembling hope. even if it does just dangle on a string....

Brilliant | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/3/07

i really love this song lol. its one of my favourites. i listen 2 it like over and over again. oh wel..yet another great song from dashboard confessional...rock on

cant stop listening | Reviewer: sarah | 4/30/07

vidicated. to me is a summer song. i first had know idea what the words meant. until i pulled out the dictionary. when i first heard it i was debating whether it was about a realationship or a friendship. took me awhile, but i got it

Vendicated | Reviewer: Summer | 5/4/07

I love this song!! I know almost every word of it.When I think of this song, it kinda reminds of someone who is depressed. But when you listen to all of the lyrics, its really a happy song. I dont know if im making any sense but i love the song. I wish singers would write more songs like this.

amazing | Reviewer: jayat27 | 4/29/07

this has got to be one of the most outstanging songs ever. the lyrics are so well put together. it gives me hope... that i can prove to every1 else that i am worth something..

:(:( | Reviewer: emily | 4/23/07

this song is definitally more that just a song.
i really dont know how to explain it.
it was this guy and i.our song.
i don't know how to explain it but now that were done. i still feel like he is with me everytime i hear the song. i have a hard time listening to it now. but i use to listen to it all the time. like i would always be singing it and just i dont know. the song has definitly been an afected part of my life. and i will never forget this song.

vindicated | Reviewer: gladys | 4/19/07

i really love the relates my personality,Some people see me just like the song says..but the truht is i am not....!!!!!thats why this song is my all tym favorite.

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