the darkness | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/27/2007

yeah they totally rock-i love them
at the moment theyre my fav band
you guys should listen to justins solo album- its really good

Darkness | Reviewer: Tim | 6/21/2007

What? Justin left? *sob* Still, they're an awesome, and I mean AWESOME, band! Come Back Justin!

whaaaaa | Reviewer: random | 6/18/2007

when i heard that justin left i cried, but i hope he comes back. Oh and did they make a new album? someone told me but im not sure 'cause just left.

le darkness!!!!!!!!!! number uno!!! | Reviewer: minnie | 4/21/2007

The darkness is one of the most impressive rock bands, inn my collections. I am totally absorbed by their music and its constantly playing in my head when i feel down!!!!
i totally had a crush on Dan Hawkins, once!!!!!!

the darkness | Reviewer: Don Stephenson | 3/15/2007

The darkness are a broad band with 70 style rock that kicks and hope justin hawkins comes back to the group they rock

Fuckin A These Guys Rock My World | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/17/2006

The Darkness is an AWESOME band. They are my idols and I love Justin's brilliant vocal abilities and thier hell cool solos. They are the most diverse band i've heard in a very long time!!!!

The Darkness | Reviewer: a fan | 1/8/2006

..IS the best band I have ever heard.Every song of theirs is so unique and brilliant.I LOVE Justin..he´s absolutely amazing with his catsuits and crazy moves :P
And Dan rocks...he plays so well it blows my mind!


The Darkness Rock | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/24/2005

I love the darkness. they totally rock! Justin is hot and can wear tight clothing so well! I am from Australia and am probably the only huge fan! But they rock so yeah! wOot!

You got two ppl | Reviewer: Led_Zeppelin_fanatic | 5/11/2005

Yes the darkness is an amazing band if though practically every song is about sex and STD's... but hey what the hell!! thats rock for ya bitchs!

I'm from illinois too... it sucks

The Darkness | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/10/2005

I love The Darkness they are amazing They have such an old classic rock feel to their music which I love. And have kickin' gutair solos in their music. And I think Justin is hot.