Reviews for Bohemian Like You Lyrics

Performed by Dandy Warhols

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it's so damn catchy | Reviewer: cara n | 4/17/07

this song is about finding kindred spirits. being able to be identified and belonging to a distinct subculture. the writer has found someone who belongs into the same niche he does.

Sarcastic? | Reviewer: Muzak Journalistin | 4/6/07

The song is about a fling. It's written all over it. It's not about the possibility to fall in love, it's about having a good time with someone else, with no strings attached. THAT'S what the song is about.

cool beans | Reviewer: blub | 3/27/07

wowers..this song kix ass...i mean 4 being made in the boy band era...(2000)...this is really good..ever since i was younger ive <3ed this song... but i still do...and its on my itunes...i was listening to it..and my friend was like,"whoa..thats a good song...who sings that???"..and i was like," dandy warhols..." cuz they're so cuel....but yeah...great song...keep up the good work...
P.S.- they're new song we used to B friends is awesome...look it up on youtube....great stuff.... if u like them a myself... really name isnt blub, but everytime i write a review...or a test on the name is blub...and my email is wonder is someone's actual email is *thinks in mind*

fack | Reviewer: olivia | 3/13/07

clearly this song is being sarcastic... thats why im into it

The best lyric ever.... | Reviewer: BigmE | 1/22/06

I'm just writhing this because people listen to this music without even looking at the lyric, and they should... Because this is the best lyric ever...

its about feeling it | Reviewer: pucca | 10/9/04

This is such a great song!
Its about feeling the right vibe from the righ person, long after you're done with a deep relationship and you're looking for someone to have a great time, and eventually fall in love. Its about not taking life so seriously, at the same time, knowing what you want, what you expect, what and how you feel, to be able to say "and it feels woohaaa woooo!"

I feel so good and life is so free, and at the same time, damn i like you!

This one is definately dedicated.

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