Beautiful Memories of Young love | Reviewer: Sonja, Iowa gal | 2/24/14

This song evokes everything sweet, honest, pure and loving of my dating years. I didn't know the name of song but searched "sad song of man running into ex at grocery store". I thank Dan Fogelberg for such a wonderful tune that will have a place in my heart always.

Winter's Morning | Reviewer: P | 1/25/14

The first time I heard this song was on a winter's morning. I had this alarm clock that would'nt sound an alarm, the radio would just start playing. My fiance' left me for someone else--I'd been devastated for quite a while. At first, I thought I was dreaming as this song played...and maybe I was. I saw myself and my fiance doing everything described. As hope began to fill my heart, thinking we would get back together again..(as in the song) I could hear the unmistakable sound of slush as a car drove down the street in front of my house. It had snowed as night fell the day before and just as I was hopeful I would be with my finace' again, I'd hoped to wake up to a foot or so of fresh snow. Neither was to be, however....there was no future for us, there was no snow. The snow turned into rain..

Nancy Ann; I love you and always will. Was out having a drink in your hometown tonight and this song started playing. As I looked down I wondered what it was that just dripped into my glass. Dragging tears out of a jaded old man's broken heart is quite a trick! They say "Time heals all wounds". I don't think that's true. I would say that with time, some wounds get buried under a pile of new memories, new loves, new heartaches. It just takes the right song at the right time and place to bring it all back like it just happened. Owie, Owie, Owie...

my heart bleeds!!!! | Reviewer: uncle Ronnie | 12/23/13

I remember so well when this song came out and how every word ran through my heart.even today at age 57 the memories of my first love echo deep inside.Terry M.I miss you riding in my 55 chevy.Rc

Bittersweet Song | Reviewer: Sherry | 12/18/13

Every time my brother and I got in the car winter of 1981, this song came on the radio. At first it was hard to get the lyrics right, but certain parts were all too clear. He died tragically in August of that same year and I know this song was about his first love and her blue eyes. It was playing when I visited her in early summer years later - so I knew he was there with me as well. Thanks Dan F.

Great song | Reviewer: Tom | 9/12/13

Great song and great story Mark. I feel the same way. There is only one girl that I could experience this with. But there is someone. And I am happily married with no regrets. This song makes me miss others as well.

Just For A Moment I Was Back At School | Reviewer: Mark | 9/4/13

Mr Fogelberg touched my heartstrings 33 years ago with this song. I had just graduated high school, so thinking back about a lost love was still a little foreign to me, but I instantly loved this song the very first time I heard it. Now 33 years later, not only at Christmas time, but on nights like tonight, I get to thinking back on the years since high school. I have this song on repeat on my Mp3 player and not only thinking back about past loves, but also of other people that are no longer with me, my best friend in grade school, my mom, a cousin, all taken away much to soon. Tomorrow I might feel better, but tonight I'm sad wishing I was back in a time of innocence.

awesome | Reviewer: amy wallace | 6/13/13

Dan F is the best, it reminds me of my old love David, I miss him terribly, although i am married, and he has a girlfriend and lives 2000 miles away, it just brings back good memories and with a tiny bit of hope that one day they may meet again and talk.......

Great Song - some miss the point | Reviewer: CMB | 12/24/12

First some have mentioned in the past that DF was married - he was not at the time of the songs release.

The song talks about past regrets. It touches some in the way it dies me. It makes me remember but also be thankful

Miss you CES

poignant and nostalgic | Reviewer: Lescentaur | 1/6/12

this is one of those tunes that just keeps growing on me during the holidays. Yes, it speaks of "the one that got away", and how our priorities are shaped, and how they may change over time.

Am amazed that Dan F. employed the motif from 1812 Overture, and that it had been in there, unrecognized by my ears as a classic hook melody!

Yes, the holidays are supposed to be joyous, but they also hold realities , and mark the passage of time, to be reflected upon by those of us still alive . looking back at my own past, it's hard not to, Same Old Lang Syne does make the cut as a holiday song, as does imho, "Run for the Roses" makes the cut for being a theme song for the Kentucky Derby.
Between the cameo ending played on sax by Micheal Brecker, the fact that
both artists are no longer living, well, I do raise a glass to "Same Old Lang Syne" . And now i am going to transcibe it in notation for the archives. (!)

Things are always supposed to be different... | Reviewer: Mark | 12/25/11

Christmas tonight, and I went out late to eat at the only open restaurant in town. It wasn't very good, and I paid too much. Perhaps the only good thing that came from going out tonight was that this song started playing when I pulled up in my driveway.

I had only heard bits and pieces before and never really payed attention to the lyrics, but this time, I listened. What a sad song. In a way, I can relate, and it brings back memories of what might have been. Quite a sad story, and a far too common one.

Merry Christmas all, and may you find the one you're meant to be with.

Past Love; Bittersweet | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/20/11

Beautiful, haunting song. To anyone who's been in love and moved on, you'll appreciate it. If you've never been in love and moved on, you'll never truly feel the song. It's based on a chance meeting between Fogelberg and an old flame on Cristmas Eve, 1976. RIP, Dan.

To Gorgeous | Reviewer: Carl | 12/17/11

Just because somebody doesn't like the song, doesn't mean they need to grow up or don't have a heart. How immature can YOU be by assuming something to stupid? As for this song, I love it. The lyrics are amazing and that's what makes a good song for me. I really connect to this song.

Love is remember someone special for us | Reviewer: Jazz | 10/4/11

This type of song is nice for those who love to give all to our lover. I remember a wonderful young lady and how we related to each other with this song. I am feeling the same love, joy and the good time we both get together. I love you MC.

review about same old lang syne | Reviewer: Nancy | 7/15/11

I just wonder what he was doing at the grocery store on Christmas Eve - did his current wife send him for some last minute ingredients she was waiting for for a party or dinner? There simply must be some kind of back story to this song.

Gorgeous | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/4/11

I think this song is wonderful - It is most likely one of my favourite songs ever! The lyrics are soo well put together,and I enjoy listening to it every day. As for those who hate this song - grow up, and get a heart.