Love Dan | Reviewer: Patty Smith | 3/21/14

I love Dan Fogelberg .. this is my second favorite song, though all of them are good. The song about meeting his old lover really shook me up during Christmas 2013... It made me remember my first true love when I was a senior in high school. We broke up right after graduation and he came to visit me in college several times, but we never got back together. That was 1966 .. I would love to see him one more time..

The Music Man | Reviewer: Juliet | 9/2/12

I took a class called Generation Gap in John Dewey High School (John Dewey the philosoper, student of John Hopkins University in the late 1880's, and someone who helped to shape the educator and person I've become because of the teachers who carried out his philosophy as educators). One of the classes that I have remembered throughout my stages of life and one of the songs that was played and studied was Dan Folgerberg's song, the Leader of the Band. This morning I woke up thinking about Jeremiah, he's my dad, he is 83 with Parkinsons for about 15 years and lost his wife of 41 (July 15, 2000). He has carried on with help from daughters and Assisted Living. He is my leader of the band. It's his time now, my spirit senses he is ready to join his love and this song brings me joy, sadness, comfort and strength. Honor to the "Music Man" Jeremiah who has left a legacy of the love of music. While he is still here today I will take a tambourine and dance with him, play his Bob Marley and listen to him play on the piano. Love them while their still here. XOXOXO to all Value life Value Relationships the way God intended.

he wrote my life. | Reviewer: earl richardson | 1/20/08

most moving song I have heard or sang,I missed my chance to see Danny live in Toledo last year for which I'm truly sorry.All his other songs are gifts I treasure!