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Performed by Damien Rice

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the bomb that keeps ticking | Reviewer: gypsygurl67 | 4/22/13

This song is so ahead of its time, sorry for the cliche but it defly expresses a higher subconsciousness and wisdom of how both sexes are conflicted by the promotion of maleness, to the severe detriment of the power of the feminine mystique. Gawd, he is humble enough to openly admit how much of an @#%hole he has been in past relationships, this song's chord is piercingly honest and sensitive and as with many of his other songs, all one can say is {WOW} and press PLAY again. Is there anyone else out there that needs therapy like I do? From the repetetive song playing by DR? ? I have been listening to him since 2007, and as the 80'S song goes, I just cant get enough!

GAHHH. <3333 | Reviewer: Amber | 7/11/07

damien rice is one of the best musicians.. EVER!! enough said. this song is wonderful... like all of them

never ceases to amaze me | Reviewer: makemebelieve | 7/1/07

Damien Rice has yet to disappoint me.
I am absolutely in love with every single song he has put out there, and I can't stop listening.

amazing | Reviewer: Mabs | 5/28/07

I like all of his songs but this one is just amazing, once I read abut it: "this song has balls"... and it really does!! I feel identified as a woman, great job.

I'm in love with Damien..It's just that simple! | Reviewer: Icelandicwoman | 4/19/07

This song is deffinetely one of my favorites..I simply love how Damien's voice changes whan he gets to the ,,woman like a man" part!..Ohh..It's so good!!

coolness... | Reviewer: TheWoman | 4/3/07

now , this is the kinda shit i wanna hear. this song completely reaches me as a woman

hurra | Reviewer: oetsch | 3/21/07

this song is the most amazing one I ever heard in my life,though I usually don't listen to this kind of music.The song just fits to me

YEAH BOI! :] | Reviewer: Cindy | 3/19/07

this song is thee greatest sickickest most awesomest id if the word "awesomest" song exsisted IN THE WHOLE!! world i love it and damien rice he's the shit ^_^

this song is great | Reviewer: Sean | 3/2/07

just a message to "anonymous" who already posted on this site. "get creative" you say??? damien and lisa together use unique singing in alot of his music. that there is creative... so come back when you've created a decent song.. you piece of sh1t critic

Chivalry | Reviewer: Jeff | 2/21/07

This song is actually a compliment to women...if you look at society and see how ideas of sex in the city promotes the idea that now women are equal economically they feel like they have to drop to the level of men socially(treating women like disposable income)...with such equal opportunity we now (both sexes) suffer the same emotial pain an experience once divided.
Women have an intrinsic intellectual and physical beauty that goes unrespected and unnoted in a materialistic society. Men, we too are now disposable income as well

amazing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/28/05

brilliant song! i have only recently discovered Damien Rice and love all his songs.

Awesome | Reviewer: Mike | 11/8/05

This is One of the greatest songs i have herd in years.

Fantastic | Reviewer: Martin | 7/17/05

Great song - folk seems to be the only genre where you're allowed to be honest, let's have some more!

My review for the song "Woman Like a Man" | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/14/05

Crappy song. Crappy job. Get creative.

Yes please Damien | Reviewer: Lydia | 10/4/04

This song was written about me..
thanks Damien ;)

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