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Performed by Damien Rice

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sad and sweet | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/13/05

This song makes me think of the person I love. I will probably never see him again.

thoughts | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/2/05

i haven't seen the movie but this song to me is about a brief affair that you can't just forget about although you try your best as you knew that going into it, it'll never go anywhere. it's funny, the first time i heard this song, i didn't pay much attention to the lyrics. but now that i listen to it, i love the words as well perhaps because i could identify with it now.

i feel heartbroken... | Reviewer: Ruby chueng | 5/19/05

i am girl from china..and "the blower's daughter" has really touched me a lot. i love it!

Very Touching | Reviewer: Nancy Allam | 4/20/05

Believe it or not, I acutally downloaded this song by accident. When I heard it, I thought WOW! Damien Rice's voice is so-so, but pours his soul into singing. He wrote this song, so that's one of the reasons he puts so much emotion into singing it. The music video is beautiful. although I would have liked it without the "Closer" clips. His backup singger has a beautiful voice, although she only sings a couple of line, she really adds a lot to the song. The lyrics are so powerful and touching, i think anyone can relate to this song. Two thumbs way up!

wow!!!! | Reviewer: valia | 4/17/05

this song is one of the most beautiful songs ive ever heard, i never saw the film but heard this song on Yahoo and its so beautiful. there are no words that can describe it, it sums up the feelings of anyone who has ever been hurt by love. if you like this song, you should listen to other songs by damien rice, especially Cannonball, which is also beautiful and about breaking up.

The Blower's Daughter | Reviewer: Michael | 4/4/05

Damien Rice with the song of The Blower's Daughter is so beautiful and haunting at the same time. I first heard it in the movie "Closer" and I cannot get this song out of my mind. Beautiful.

and so it is | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/1/05

amazing song yet so sad, the opening scene with jude law and nathalie portman makes it unforgettable, makes u relate to all breakups and relationships and getting over the ones you love until you find someonelse.

The Blower's Daughter | Reviewer: Rhonda | 4/1/05

The movie was questionable, maybe it's one of those movie you have to see twice to appreciate, love the song though!

Wow | Reviewer: nancy | 3/25/05

I did not see closer because people were saying it wsnt that good. but i heard this song on the trailer and i fell in love with everything about this song. the music video is so very touching, i love last verse when his backup singer is singing. I cannot truly express how beautiful this song is.

So beautiful~ | Reviewer: Wendy | 3/24/05

I heard this song first when I saw the movie "Closer", the movie I didn't liked too much, but I loved the song. It's a really sad and beautiful song. I am listening to it the whole evening. I even watched the begin of the movie "Closer" over and over again, when Jude Law and Natalie Portman walks on the street and see each other... This song is playing during that whole scene... so beautiful~!

so I know I'm alive | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/11/05

I was crying every time I listened to this song. A broken heart cab hardle be mended. But feeling the sadness, the pain and the sweetness... I know I'm alive.

Nono, From Taiwan

Beautiful ...... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/10/05

Hello, I´m Fernanda, from Brazil.....
I saw the movie Closer.... and when the movie started showing the meeting of the couple with this song I felt a mix of things inside of my heart .... so gently, so calm.... but at the same time, so sad .....I can´t take this beautiful song of my mind... the voice of the girl at the end of the song it´s very touching.....

do you have words for it? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/4/05

i cannot find any words to describe this song, you just gotta listen it, it's everything they've said, and more. i just can't take my ears off of it!
from, lima-peru

pure sadness | Reviewer: asia | 2/25/05

i can't stop's great,but sad..especially the last verse....i feel like crying....

Tout simplement parfaite ! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/23/05

Since I saw Closer I cannot get this song out of my head... Blower's Daughter... Beautiful and fits perfectly to the movie, its atmosphere, the characters... Great movie, great actors, over great music !! Thanks.

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