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Performed by Damien Rice

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i love this song | Reviewer: kristyj | 4/17/07

After 9 crimes, i got the cd and out of the whole thing, cannonball is my favorite song. i can't believe how he can so effectively convey the level of emotion that he does in his songs. cannonball is amazing and i listen to it over and over and it doesn't get old as most songs do. I'd love to hear more songs from him of the same quality as cannonball, although i guess when you make one song so good we shouldn't expect every song to be that amazing. anyway if anyone knows more of his songs as good as cannonball i'd love to know where to find them. Enjoy everyone!

Simply a miracle | Reviewer: Anna | 4/13/07

I didn't just hear this song, I felt it. It's beautful. I'm in love. It's the kind of song that just makes your day that little bit brighter. Amazing

Breathe-taking | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/11/07

Guys play this for your girl when she's ovulating and you'll get anything you want!

This song is extremely touching...for anyone who has experienced a form of love, no matter how you personally dealt with the ordeal...or how deep in the past a memory lies...this song is chilling...soulful and real. One cannot help but to be touched. It instills a vunerable feeling, but thats ok, its nothing to be afraid of...nothing to shun...this song inevitably stirs the most natural emotions we all know but don't follow.

Beautiful from start to finish.

me. :] | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/11/07

i love it. my friend told me about it..i felt like crying the first time i heard it thinking he was trying to tell me that..

WOW | Reviewer: jordan-nicole | 2/11/07

This song.. i don't even know what to say.. i first heard it on a bad night. a REALLY bad night. i found it on a mix CD on the floor of my car.. Damien is an amazing writer.. his songs are the ones you pop into your car.. or throw on your iPOD and just.. go.. he takes you to a place..
i'm in LOVE

B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L | Reviewer: Laura | 2/10/07

I Love You Damien Rice.
You Sing From The Soul.
You Touch Me.

Amazing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/9/07

This is a great song by a great artist! Its just amazing and i'm sure it has touched many peoples lives. Its just great

people | Reviewer: Ricardo | 1/29/07

the song only fits one situation. it's not about making up with a lover or breaking up with a lover, it's about being afraid of taking a leap because of a barrier...any barrier for that matter.

Simple, elegant, beautiful... | Reviewer: Maria | 11/9/06

What an amazing artist I've just had the privilege of discovering. His music is absolutely beautiful, and this song...makes me dream.

Thank you | Reviewer: Megan | 7/25/06

She gave me this song on myspace and changed my whole world....i havent even told her yet but i love her!

Great Song | Reviewer: Greg | 7/15/06

This is one of those songs that speaks to me in a deeply personal level....If its possible to wear out a CD, ill do it with the album "O". "there's still a little bit of you laced, in my doubt." Cmon now people, whats not to like!!!

Just great... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/18/06

Simply, just great. Amazing song. No need for any more love songs after this one....

amazing | Reviewer: anna | 1/1/06

so much depth in one song. loved it from the moment i heard it. have had it on repeat since i heard it. gives a different view on music and the world in general. truly wonderful song. a must have

beautiful song | Reviewer: valia | 4/17/05

this song is so beautiful. it really gets to me and makes me want to cry, every time i hear it. it is also amazing to sing along to. damien rice is a great songwriter/singer, and if you like this you should listen to The Blower's Daughter, it is wonderful. how does this man manage to sum up love???

brilliant... it really moves me | Reviewer: List | 3/1/05

It is a little bit personal. Cause when I hear the song I Think of the people I really care deep for... That is why I love this song. Listen to it... plz.

A Fan
Christiano Listo

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