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Performed by Daft Punk

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Chickens. Chickens everywhere. | Reviewer: TimeLordK | 4/8/13

Chicken. Seriously? I mean, its TECHNOLOGIC, I don't see how you get chicken out of that. But... I did laugh really, really, really hard when I read "Charge it, point it, zoom it, press it, CHICKEN!!"

CHICKEN and SPELLING | Reviewer: ???????????????? | 2/21/13

Who put chicken in the lyrics on this website? Also a lot of you guys misspelled a lot of things and that is so sad to me and I'm in third grade . Most of you need to get spelling tutors .

pant devil strikes again | Reviewer: yoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoy | 2/17/13

awh yeah, daft punk is the best. i'm pretty sure i annoyed the pants off of everybody in my house because i played this song until i could sing all the words sped up by a billion, ahaha.

Awesome | Reviewer: Daft Punk #1 Fan | 2/10/12

I dont know bout u dummies, but i think this song ROX! totally agree w/ u guys on kanye west, it sucks, but oh well. Luv dancin to this song @ my dance class. Best freakin' song/dance EVER!

oohh yeah!!! | Reviewer: John | 5/28/10

Oh yeah! I just got a crap load of Shamayonnaise on my face!!! Quick lick it off before it goes everywere Herald I mean it... OOOOOHHHH yeah that's right right there Herald... I'm so hot right now Herald up to the bedroom Now!

Daft Punk is better then Kanye West, and I bet you cant dance either | Reviewer: Richard King Of The North | 10/8/09

I cant believe what Im reading.

You HATE people that dont dance up to your standards? Holy god! your a close minded BAFOON. Do you swing your arms all over the place and feel the need to partake in certain indulgences as well to do it? Do you work? :)

Kanye West did a piss poor job of doing anything he did. He is no different then someone like The fresh Prince, or any dem old skool Gs. In fact, Puffy has more talent and actual success.

And FINALLY this song is not about doing lots fo things at once.. Thats Chinglish. This songs about technology , and what we do to it. Constantly. Like Obcessivly. We always need to be DOING SOMETHING TO IT...

amazing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/8/09

daft punk is most definatly an amazing band , i must agree with everyone here .. kayne west was stupid to use there stuff and barley give them any credit for it. daft punk is fantasic. love this song too :)

yoo im sick | Reviewer: lauren woodier | 7/2/09

i think i am very beautiful, keiran burywood loves me, cos he always asks me out , and he flirts with me 24/7 ,,
anyway peepz jus lettin youse all know that im around .PEACE xxx
kizza get with me babyy ?
lauren wooodier <3

To be fair. | Reviewer: Tom | 2/11/09

Daft Punk have sampled tons of artists. Without even changing alot. I love Daft Punk dont get me wrong but Kanye West probably used the sample of Harder Better Faster Stronger better then Daft Punk used their samples. Not a big fan of Kanye West but I love how he slowed down the sample. DJs/Artists usually speed them up. So that's quite a cool thing. Awesome songs tho. Daft Punk - Alive (2007) - Epic album. All the old stuff. Of course epic aswell. ;)

DRFT PUNK | Reviewer: brittany | 11/8/08

im brittany and i like technologic because it is really fast and it's about doing so much thing at once just to complete one thing so yea that's about all i have to say but more people should listen to this shiit it's the BEST....

And they know their stuff too... | Reviewer: Dartigen | 10/8/08

Considering Daft Punk's genius last year with their concert, I have no doubt that they know what every single one of these terms means.
(I do at least, although maybe that's just me channeling my inner nerd.)

It's got an incredibly simple melody and beat too, but it gets so little play time.
Although, whenever I hear this song I get the simultaneous urges to dance and get on my computer...

RIGHT | Reviewer: Danjal | 10/7/08

Yeeeah, I really love this song!!
Gresh, you are totally right!!! I hate people (especially guys, NO I´m not a girl) who think they´re dancin but just movin their legs, there are very few people who use their whole body while dancin... Most people simply dont know how to use their body, but its so friggin easy, just let the music move your body... Only if youre totally exhausted, you really been dancin

By the way: Did you ever notice that some people simply move their body in the same way no matter what song or beat the DJ´s playin... Really ridiculous, funniest thing is these people actually think they´re dancin...

Nice | Reviewer: Correction | 9/15/08

"i hate it how tryhard artists like kayne west and others try to copy and reuse daft punks stuff. theyre just too dumb to make up any cool lyrics themselves so they have to steal someone elses."

Kayne asked permission for hes "stronger". And daft punk is actually singing back.

love it | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/13/08

i love this song. would you believe, that for our music project last month we had to perform a song infront of everyone?
everyone got up and did like kelly klarkson and ugh
it was horrrible
but i learnt EVERY word to this song and i did the whole thing
i got an E because there was no tune to it
but the whole class argued and i got an A
yay for daft punk!

love it | Reviewer: mini | 7/27/08

in the whole song it neva says love it dats a pite but anywway im doin a dance 2 this song in jaz and where being robots for the beging its reali cool so yea i just lov dis song but i didnt know bout it till we startd the dance but hey i still love it

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