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Performed by Daft Punk

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wow | Reviewer: rse_grrl | 5/12/07

heard this song for the first time today. Its awesome, so sumwhat creep cuz it sounds like a robot child. but cool, but have been an a$$ to remember!

DOOOPPEEE | Reviewer: rachael | 5/10/07

wow. this song is amazing. best song ever. i love it so much. and i know all the words. it was so hard to get to know the words at first but if you re-play it over and over again like i did, then you will get to know the words. so now i know it all off my heart. its pretty dope. sweet beat. people should make more songs like this. haha. toodles. <3

OMG ITS AWESOME! | Reviewer: Pikle K. | 5/9/07

Probably one of my favourite songs eva, I learnt it after some time of listening, has a great beat

duh | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/9/07

you follow the lyrics when your computer breaks down and you supposidly fix your computer

off the chain | Reviewer: A Boy crust | 4/27/07

this song is off the hook. fsho you know, you da hoe mo, i want to go to this show with joe he's a nice guy but a little slow, like this song...NOT. i'm in love with it. it's going to be the song that i play at my funeral.

Fantastic | Reviewer: Mecha | 4/19/07

I love the song, but i made the mistake of trying to sing along with it. I ran out of breath after ten seconds XD

Dose it get any better? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/19/07

The lyrics do make sense, it's kinda talkin' about computers and... Technolodgy. Yeah.

Back to the reveiw.
I love this song, that's just me.
Best techno EVER.
Creative and one of a kind.
That's just it.

?? | Reviewer: Kerry | 2/25/07

this song is so hard, the lyrics are hard to remeber but i remebred it :) but this song dosent make any sence surf,scroll it,...

PURE PWNAGE! | Reviewer: Miss.Ashlea. | 2/23/07

This Song is Dope!! It is hard to learn the lyrics so whoever has bravo to you!! I love the beat to this song. This song comes pretty close to Harder, Faster, Better Stronger! Technologic Rocks! Peace Kneegrows! x0x0x0x Mwahh

Awesome | Reviewer: Da Master Eudemons Man | 2/14/07

I love this song! I have it on itunes and have it repeating. I keep singing it but its really hard. My bro's sitting across from me yelling SHUT UP!! but im still listening! Be a Rebel! Listen to Technologic.

amy | Reviewer: wow | 2/18/07

this song is pretty hard to learn, i keep on remebering some of it and loose the hang of it, but i luv this song its AWESOME.

Great | Reviewer: Amy | 2/11/07

I love this song! I'm doing a gym dance to this song at dancing and when i heard i i had to download i mean its great !!! The only thing is i can't sing the words it really complicated lol :p Buy it , use , play it, load it, save it, hear it, love it.
Technologic .

Great groove | Reviewer: Dad in rural PA | 1/4/07

I can't believe someone spent the time to write down these words. But I'm glad they did. This is a fun song.

Mechanical babies?! Nice! | Reviewer: Adam | 8/31/06

When anyone asks me if I want a boy or a girl, I'm gonna tell em' I want a robot!

damn those sexy robots | Reviewer: dawn | 8/12/06

I Love this song!!
its my fav
i want it but i cant find it anywhere
damn those sexy robots

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