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Performed by Daft Punk

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awesome | Reviewer: Marina | 11/13/07

i love this song so much. i made it one of my life goals to memorize this whole song and be able to recite it. i can't even do it perfectly if im looking at the lyrics. fun song i love it

MY OGD!!! | Reviewer: Cody | 11/6/07

my god i love daft punk!!! i was about 9 when i heard one more time, i rocked till 5:00 a.m. :D if you think they have no life lindesy then you are wrong. they have a free life of danceing and feeling free!!! DAFT 4 LIFE!!!

LMAO. TechnoLOGIC. | Reviewer: Lindsey | 10/24/07

Daft Punk is amazing. Don't get me wrong. Honestly though, they have no life if they can sit and think up these lyrics and sing it like they do over and over again. This song makes me want to dance. XD If you're a techno lover then check out the song Pretty Rave Girl by I Am X-Ray.
Best song ever. :]

<33 LindZZZ.

He uses a..... | Reviewer: Joo | 10/15/07

Daft Punk uses a "Vo Coder"...
you use a keyboard and press down the key of the note you would like to sing, and it manipulates every sound that enters the microphone into that pitch. Not to say that it is easy to perform this feat, just explaining some more about his music.

beejeesus | Reviewer: Katie | 10/11/07

i love this song so much i tried sooo hard not to look at the lyrics coz i wanted to learn them by listening but man i jst couldnt do it hence why im writing this review lol well done to anyone else that managed it!!! x

very hard! | Reviewer: Lauren | 10/8/07

I AM THE MASTER OF THIS SONG! i did the whole song without one screw-up! go me! The video for this song is creepy

Awesome awesome | Reviewer: kendra | 10/1/07

I....think...i flippin love this song...tis bombdiggity! i was pumped the first time i heard it! its so hard to gonna get it soon i SWEAR IT

Haha wow. | Reviewer: Annie | 9/18/07

This some is REALLY hard to sing without screwing up. A major tounger twister. It gets really annoying too, yet it is strangely addicting.

Cool | Reviewer: Sora | 9/17/07

This song is really hard to sing but I feel achieved that I can actually sing it without messing up! Party On!

Technologic Is Pure Genius | Reviewer: brandon Bitsuie663 | 9/13/07

This Song totally rocks it makes me wanna go rave'n
I love the way that "thing" sings the song its so hot

Hmm | Reviewer: Analysethis | 9/10/07

With all the references to crashing and bugs in this - not to mention the fact that they have to reformat three times during the course of the song just to keep it running, Daft Punk must use Windows.
Boo yah.

Pimp of pimps, that sounds like a even more fun game.

Trippppyyyyyy | Reviewer: Ally | 8/30/07

This song is repetitive.. but makes me want to go to a rave! i love it... and Busta is genious for using it in Touch it. WHOOOP.

lyrics | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/28/07

It's not that hard to get the words you just need practice, and a lot of it!

correction | Reviewer: Beth | 8/28/07

this song is awesome... it's actually about him making a song... all of the lyrics are steps on how to produce a song. just wanted to put that in there.

daaaaamn!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: jasper | 8/22/07

heres a challenge,, do the intyre song without even 1 scew-up.


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