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My man | Reviewer: Janny | 10/3/07

Daddy Yankee is sooooo fuckin sexii. ilove him so much. And 4 all the gurls, stop saying that he is ur man cuz he's not he's mine so back off. I luv all his music and i hope that he wins a premio at the premios 2007. I luv you sexii man!

love yooooou daddy yankee | Reviewer: spring a.k.a babyface | 7/24/07

i love daddy yankee,he is soooo sexy,soooo hot,and he great at what he does!!!! keep doing what u do baby and dont let no one bring u down! love spring~your baby if u didnt know

i love daddy yankee | Reviewer: yarimar | 7/13/07

Daddy Yankee is the best and i know him cuase his my neighbor and i know his cuz. So you little assholes so no f***in' ladies are goin to **** with my husband Daddy Yankee.

michelle | Reviewer: michelle | 7/9/07

daddy yankee is the best reggetonero in the whole fucking world!! dont let don omar get you down daddy!!

baby gurl | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/27/07

i think that daddy yankee is freak'n hot. He is the best reggataton rapper.

Daddy yankee has a girl friend | Reviewer: Tania | 6/15/07

yup i am his girlfriend bitches so back up before u get ur asses woped lol

Daddy Yankee is my baby | Reviewer: Elizabeth | 5/7/07

I LOVE DADDY YANKEE, ALWAYS HAVE ALWAYS WILL,he is good looking and fine. He has the best music ever.

SEXII! | Reviewer: Missy | 4/22/07 i luv him he madd sexii..damn even if he 3o he dont look lyke not even hispanic but i still listen 2 him...he can rap damn gud..

DADDY YANKEE | Reviewer: Jalina | 4/10/07

daddy yankee is the best and he is the love of my life. daddy yankee is so fine an cute. well g2g 4 now. So Holla At Your Girl.

Love ya,

Daddy Yankee is so freakin sexy | Reviewer: TIFFANY MARIE ECHEVARRIA | 12/7/06

daddy yankee is da best singer and rapper in da reggaeton musin industry business he knows his boricuas and e knows how 2 style his music in different wayz so the songs arent the same and he can rap fast and he is a man not like these artist out here who dont like to take responsibility for basd thingz that he does s hes da best there aint no if buts or maybe's hes da bomb well da sexy one!!!! BORICUAZS STAND UP! LOVE ALWAYZ YA NUMBER ONE FAN DADY YANKEE I HAEV YA BELT ALL YA CDS AND I HAVE SHIRTS OF YOU TU SUAVE LOVE,TIFFANY

daddy yankee sexy!!!!!! | Reviewer: jocelyn | 8/31/06

daddy yankee so hot and he knows his boricuas he knows how 2 rhyme hes the best reggeaton singer ever so all u wanna be singers gonna have 2 step back from the spotlight (don omar) so ladies u know what i mean when i say that daddy yankee is sexy he sexy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

daddy yankee | Reviewer: cristina | 8/15/06

daddy yankee is the best reggaeton singer i love him and almost everyone like and the one that hate him are haters so go suck some dicks you mothe fuckers.daddy yankee is really goooooooooooood looking his is the hottest reggaeton singer ever.

Daddy and Don Omar | Reviewer: zajaira | 8/3/06

Well daddy yankee is pretty good and i love his music but that song that he did with snoop dog sucks big time Don Omar is a preety good singer to he was my idal i loved his music but i still do but i don't look up to him as mutch as i used to because he started acting like if he was the best and no one is better than him so i lost my respect for him but there both really really good regaton singers and i like them both the same!!!

Adios from

Daddy Yankee VS Don Omar | Reviewer: Ceasar | 7/16/06

Who is the best? To Be fair and honest, Daddy Yankee is really good, and so is Don Omar. But Don Omar is more original and has more feeling to his music. Not to say that Daddy Yankee isnt good, because he is great, but Don Omar is just a little better. Sorry everyone. I am being honest and fair. For all you Don Omar haters.

Daddy Yankee 1# | Reviewer: Yari { prieta nena} | 5/30/06

Daddy Yankee is the best he would beat anyone the stands in his fucking way. If u don't like him is cause ya hating. He is and always will be the best so if u don't lik him go suck dick mother fuckers. He repersent us boricua{bori} even if u ain't bori u can still lik him

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