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quinceañera | Reviewer: lizet correa | 12/7/13

Daddy yankee i love u ..ur my fav. Singer ever ...i had always dreamed to have You in my quinceañera...i will love it if u came to my party on june 21 ,2014... my dream would come true if u came <3

Hello | Reviewer: Mirjalol | 10/21/13

Hello! My name is Mirjalol. I'm from Uzbekistan. I'm your the biggest fan. I want to meet you. And I want to be your concert. Come Uzbekistan Tashkent pls. If you came Tashkent, I would be happy :-)

Sharon #1 fan | Reviewer: Sharon | 3/14/13

Hi daddy yankee I just turned 12 years old today . I love u and wish u the best in life . It's my birthday march 14th .always wanted to meet u in person. I live in Florida and I'm Puerto Rican !!!!!

#1 fan from India <3 | Reviewer: Sumit Nayer | 3/1/13

Hey..Daddy Yankee how are you man..??

This is your biggest fan from India...Want to meet you...and hey if there's any God of Reggaeton music it's you man...i love you ayla....from: your know: sumit nayerrrrr....haha

sam | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/16/12

hi daddy yankee my name is samantha and i am 16 and i always want to go to your concerts but when ur in elpaso tx i always cant go becuse im under age .and my birthday is coming up im turnig 17 on september 5 . thanks for listing love you lots xoxoxo ;]

daddy yankeee your my number 1 | Reviewer: nichole | 6/20/12

daddy im a 15 year old Puerto Rican my dream is to meet u in person it would be great if you sing in my 15 thaxx i hope fingures crosses i win you contest <3 number one fann tanisha nichole....

Got a live of respect | Reviewer: Yolanda | 5/17/12

Dear Ayala
My name is Yolanda I am a 26 yr old single mother I am full
Blooded puerto rican I have a 1 month old daughter I live In a shelter
With my daughter due to domestic violence from her father why I say
I have mad respect for u is cuz I met u in person in downtown Boston for ur cd signing in fye u gave every person so much love and respect n when I watched ur movie for the first time today I cried I felt guilty and ashame that
Some parts of puerto Rico are suffering and some people don't do anything your movie has opened so many people's eyes that puerto Rico needs its community to stand up and help each other without the violence in this world I have family in puerto Rico who struggle but have their life together all I am trying to say thank you for the movie and your music I love your song: descontrol ,mintiendo con la verda, pose gasolina , rompe, el impacto And el ritmo no perdona I am your biggest fan I'm not looking for nothing just to say thank you for your music and god bless uou

I Love Daddy Yankee! <3 : D | Reviewer: johana manrique | 2/10/12

Dear Daddy Yankee, I LOVE YOU MORE THEN RESENDO, im your biggest fan, my room if filled with your psoters, i have all of you cd's i just wish i can meet you in person, i love you sooo muchh. please come to houston tx. haha in fact im listening to one of your songs right now! i love all of them! <3 please please please come to houston textas!! i love you so muchh!!!!
-forever your fan johana manrique! <3 ( :

Daddy yankee | Reviewer: @BHÎJÌTH | 12/11/11

Hi,daddy yankee i am your greatest fan! I am from india. . .i love your songs even if i cant undestand your language i love ur beats and the way u rap!!! My favorite songs are bring it on,gasolina,ilegamos ala disco,la despidida. . . .pls come to india once especially for mumbai it wil b great pleasure for us to see you. . . .thankyo!

i love you | Reviewer: m@k@yl@ Bu$h | 7/7/11

Daddy Yankee aka Raymond Ayala!! I Love Your Movie Talento De Barrio I have It I made a Copy Just in case ONe Of The two Movies gets lost i still have one i my e mail is e mail me please i am ur number one fan i was born on ur same birth month

You are my daughter's #1 fan "PLEASE HELP ME TO MAKE MY DAUGHTER's DREAM COME TRUE" | Reviewer: veronica | 6/18/11

Hi daddy yankee Iam a mother that is trying to do everything to make my daughter's dream come true because she is veryyyyyy speacil to me my daughter is deaft from one year and her teachers and my sealf r trying to convencer to have a surgery so the Dr. Can put a little michean called baja and this michean can make her hear. The reson she is refusing it because it goes behind the ear, so she is afriend that her friend will make fun of her. But anyways to make the story short she said she will have the surgry done, just so she could hear ur songs better. However because i know u r her#1 fan i would want u to be part of her quince on march of two thouson and twolf hope to hear from u!!!!

la despedida | Reviewer: 3$m3r@ld@ | 12/28/10

i love his songs all the songs i have lisent they send me to and other level i live the most fans ´barrio´´ they are part of my live not in the same but it's kind if my live and not much of it thats why it's kind of my world the songs I L0V3 D@DDY Y@NK33 never forget where you came for it´s part of your live.......................

YOUR #1 FAN | Reviewer: yenelis | 12/26/10

Hi daddy yankee well i love you and your songs, my name is yenelis and i live in miami fl,and i am cuban and all my family is over there. i wanted to share my dream,well my best friend in cuba love*s you and i had an illusion of you going to my quinces in cuba and meet my family but now i know you are always working so bye and i wish you a marry christmas.=) ooo and please can you reply to my menssage i will be so happy thank you

i want u for my quiinces!!PLEASE | Reviewer: Leslie CampOs | 11/28/10

Hii daddy!iam leslie campos and i live in laredo texas!!iam a great fan of yours i always go crazy when i see you in tv one time you to laredo entertaiment center and i was there in your concert i cry cause i couldnt believe it was you!!thats the only day i saw in person on september 24 in 2010!i just want my dream come true! meet you in person is my dream since i was 8 years old!iam 12 right now and iam having a quinces party in nuevo laredo mexico tamaulipas is just crossing the international bridge in laredo texas and i want u to come to my party i dont have the day yet but i really want you in my party u can contact me in my cell phone (956-635-7500) or in my facebook! =) have a nice day tee amo daddy!

Need your opinion | Reviewer: Ivania | 9/24/10

Hey Yankee, how you doing I'm hoping you are just fine.I want to write a book about my life and i was wondering since you know about the streets and you Know how hard it's to get out the hood.But every one think it's a guy thing which is not. so if I can get your opinion and help.

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