speechless | Reviewer: mikala | 5/24/11

da brat woooow i love you so much its unbaweavable.lol you are all over my room like you cant see no paint kust you i got every poster of you t-shirts with you on it... i love you so much i always said and still say you are my wifee....ily

my idol | Reviewer: Kimmy | 12/20/09

the first time i heart and saw da Brat i liked her emmidiatlly , i always liked to wear boyish close but always people had complanes . Da Brat proved that even in such comfortable clothes you can look nice , cuti , beautifull , Gansta but still girly i like that about her for real, i'm all the way from holland and here we got much love 4 her

Inspiration | Reviewer: Candace Thomas | 11/6/09

Da Brat has inspired me to try to fulfill my dreams as a singer dispite my sexuallity and appearence. I have been looking up to her ever since i was 7years old. If i could meet 1 person it would be Da Brat. My favorite song is funkdafied!!!1

Role model | Reviewer: Undria Wilson | 7/6/08

Da Brat is a hero to me because she proves to every young woman that you don't have to dress halfnaked to get the fame & fortune you want. I for one, dress comfortable in tennis shoes,oversized t-shirts and jeans. My noticeable trademark is boyish clothes that I feel comfortable in (jerseys). She enlightens me to be who I am and not an over-sexed fanatic. Da Brat officially proves that sex doesn't always sell.