eminem is the mutha fucking bomb | Reviewer: pamela | 8/23/12

Eminem is the mutha fucking bomb he is my favorite rapper I liked him
when I first herd him from day one all hail to king marshall mathers you
are awesome keep up the good work and may you kick them other phony rappers
mutha fucking asses in any song that you do with them or in any freestyle battle love you eminem and by the way your daughter is beautiful and no I am not acting like a lesbian either cause I ain't that way I am straight I like guy's the only way that I like girls are for friends and yes I have a few girls friends but they are not the type for me to go out on romantic dates with or just date in general cause I do not kiss on them and hold hands with them either I am only going to do that with guy's sorry if you guy's are confused about this after you get done reading the last part of this very long comment but I am going to say this again I have girlfriends that I hang out with and do fun stuff with I am not a lesbian I just think that hailey jade mathers is pretty I mean any guy would want her but if the guy did something to hurt her and if marshall was there or she went home and told marshall what happend Marshall will probably go and find the guy who did something wrong to his daughter and either beat the mutha fucking shit out of him or kill him in self defense and protection for the safety of his own daughter.

em is good | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/9/07

I have nothing against Obie, but Em just making him look stupid on this one. it should have been a freestyle with just em. love O. Trice, but Shady is a legend. em, I can't wait for King Mathers. lotta love