Dead will smiths dead?? | Reviewer: Hannah | 4/15/2008

OMG! is Will Smith Dead i just saw the comment below it said will smith got killed like omg i wouldn't believe it if he did he is best actor ever i love his films he a ledge can't believe that girl said he was dead is it true oohhh i really hope it aint ????? and prince of bel air rocks man woo! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Wow! | Reviewer: Rosha | 12/31/2007

I love the theme song to this show, the show in general, and I love Will Smith. Each time I look at his show or see him on tv I'm constantly laughing. I was so shocked when my boyfriend gave me the bad news that Will had been killed this morning. I felt like I had lost a big brother. I made a promise to get a shirt made with his picture on the front with, "Will, you are gone, but not forgotten." written over it and the the lyrics to the theme song of Fresh Prince of Bel-air on the back. *Will you are gone, but not forgotten! I miss you already : (*

Home, not Homes | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/23/2007

I do believe that instead of saying 'yo homes to bel air', it should be yo home to bel air.