the fuckest | Reviewer: Roemy | 8/1/14

damn man what can i say.. i have d12 world cd in my car, & i don't think that there's a person on earth who listened to this album more than i did, shit i play it at least 4 times a day hahh it's the only cd i got in there seriously it's the best shit ever made man! missing big proof wish he was still alive, God bless D12

D12 Rock!!! | Reviewer: Cassandra | 12/21/07

"Bitch" is like my anthem when I am feeling combative. I love D12 even more than I like Em on his own. They have really great chemistry. R.I.P. Proff. O, Bitch is great, Get My Gun is great as well. Especially the bit when Em's gun is jammed - tres funny. Love this CD, you can actually listen to it entirely without throwing heavy objects at the sysytem. D12 Rock....rock on boys

fantastic | Reviewer: karl | 8/25/04

Ithink the crew have outdone themselves this time ! Especially with 'il be damned' , man how does it get any better than this ?
Totally wicked !

Not a bad bit to the whole album.

The 2 tracks on the bonus disc, Im not going to blow their trumpet, but theyre O.K.

The 1st disc yhough, fantastic. Ive listened to rap since NWA brought us 'straight outta compton' !, and marshall and the crew, 'my band' is awesome.

The lyrics are remeniscent of snoop dog's style, laid back freestyle-ish.
I love it.

Phat!! | Reviewer: Alex Barrett | 7/24/04

this is a realy well put togeter album with many phat beats and good rhying and lyics!!!!!! tere is one not very good song 'just like u' but overall 8/10

Grouse.... | Reviewer: adrian | 7/15/04

I have to say this album is not as mesmerizing as the other eminem/d12 albums but it does have some damn good songson it... go off Quitter!!!