The Bonds that Tie | Reviewer: Rhonda Holbrooks | 11/19/13

While I was coming up as a youngster, I often felt alone. There was much to be done at home to help w/the responsibilities of a household of 9. Then, there was gramma and grandpa next door. When it was finally time to go to my room in the evening, I had friends there who made me feel "not alone". Meaning, these friends, as I listened to them, seemed to know me and exactly how I was feeling. These friend were; Jackson Browne, Dan Fogelberg, and on top of the list was CSN. I am forever indebted to these guys. They filled a lot of emptiness. Now,in these years, I have met w/my Lord God and I am more fullfilled than ever. Although, I still enjoy the music that flowed from these artists. I salute you :)

Teach your children well | Reviewer: Roger Tembo | 10/26/13

i was 9 years old when my late uncle Duncan bought this Album with six guys on it.It was a latest release being in Africa Sub Sahara my uncle had ever since introduced to magnificent lyrics which would help study nicely and every day i never got bored to listening to "Teach your Children well,Helpless,Our House,Carry on,Cut my Hair,Woodstock & Deju vu.Oh fanstactic days i play them upto now Suite Jude Blue eyes. Great guys.My youngest child Tukhuza also enjoys these grandpas at 14 with a guiter in her hands she ll derive something from them i m sure.

CSN&Y | Reviewer: georgia | 9/24/07

I was still a kid in the 60's but what happy memories I had of that time with my older sisters; Sherry and Angie. Crosby Stills and Nash were, and still are favorites. Angie would talk Sherry into giving her allowance to go buy the albums. Angie was fortunate enough to have seen them in concert and told us how great they were. Man do I wish I would have been old enough! Thanks for having this site!! I finally know the spanish words at the end of Suite Judy Blue eyes.