Names Changed To Protect The Innocent? | Reviewer: Dayfydd | 6/7/13

Yeah, it was Graham and not David, the old walrus was off enjoying the rampant drugs and promiscuity so popular between the invention of the pill and AIDS. Domestic life wasn't for David at that time.
However, Graham's cozy little vision for the two of em must have scared the pants right off of Joni... She left him high and dry not long afterwards.

thanks | Reviewer: dawn | 5/22/13

Thank you for let us know the story of this song. It has allways make me dream of happiness, the kind of thing you actually never really can built, neither with a house or a marriag... "Now evething is easy cause of you" seems impossible for a lifetime, but sometimes we have this feeling juste for a moment, and i guess the song describes that. Because the last word is : "todaaaaaaay" ...

Our house | Reviewer: Bill Cundiff | 3/30/13

I searched for the lyrics of Our House because of a recent commercial highlighting the song. I have always felt the song described what a relationship between two people should be. It is and always has been very comforting to me.
I have always enjoyed David Crosby's work and think that he must be a very kind soul.

RE: Meaning | Reviewer: corrector | 5/18/09

The above information is all correct except for one relatively important error: The man who wrote this song for Joni (and to underscore the positive elements of monogamy and domesticity) was Graham Nash, not David Crosby.

Meaning | Reviewer: Abbie Riley | 9/22/07

I saw an interview with David Crosby about this song. He wrote it in a house in California after he and Joni Mitchell had bought a vase that morning. They brought it back to the house and it was a chilly morning so they lit a fire. Crosby was so disenchanted with the free-love promiscuous attitudes of the times and loved the domesticity of the whole situation. He spent the rest of the morning at the piano writing "Our House".