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Performed by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young

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John14:6 Right On! | Reviewer: Scroberts | 8/8/14

Yes, we are stardust; it is the building blocks of nature, but only God can breathe a living soul into a mass of subatomic particles. The only way to get back to the garden is to seek Him, and you will find, if you seek Him with all your heart, that He will find you. God is not found in a church. He will find you if you seek Him. All you have to do is ask.

Anonymous -for a Security Blanket? | Reviewer: igneous1 | 7/13/14

I witnessed, I was there. Nobody was Full of themselves... we were glad to have found a bit of transparency in the Govt. -and our eyes opened... we listed, we heard, and we found our Voice... asked to be heard (turned down), held a # of enlightening protests/movements, only to be beaten & gunned down by the establishment STILL IN POWER TODAY! As for those who died too soon... alcohol, drugs, or...? -well, try to explain why it happens more Today than Yesterday. Police Officers, CEO's of Major Corporations, Govt. Official;s, CIA, ATF, & DEA Agents caught in more Corrupt and Hideous Crimes over drugs, money and Power... Worldwide.

And, as what a DORK doesn't believe, but just pretends to know... hippie Values were Not what we were after. All we wanted was Peace. To stop the killing, stay out of countries whose battles raged for a thousand years over Religion, land and loyalty... those who could defend themselves & Did Not Ask For U.S. aid, to stop the erroneous, wasteful spending of the Middle Class Taxes on Frivolous Govt. Play, Lobbyists & Waste -which is 1,000 X's more Corrupt today because DORK's Don't Vote... which keeps the U.S. Govt's Nose ALWAYS in others business- to this day. No Taxation Without Representation -meaning: ONLY IN TIMES OF WAR... and this is why we STILL have BOOTS on Every Continent! Hence, the song "Monster" by John Kay (Steppenwolf). DORK- tear off your own head... it's a Doll Revolution... and like yarko said: ...with any social revolution there are negative and positive effects. The world is a much better place because of the enlightenment that occurred during that time. If only our children were taught what we were preaching then! They are our future, but look at their behavior now. All Nations: Hallucinations- Are you ready to die for the future of an illusion? If we are going to Insist on maintaining a State we can obey, then we have to raise children who are willing to sacrifice Capital Gains, High profits and Corrupt Positions, and accept that they may have to die for it... so quit whining!

You said it, Peg.

And, to gbigsangle... the term "Hippies" was given by the Right-Wingers, kiddo...

Didn't know old Hippies were so Egocentric. Another Childhood Dream Shattered | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/4/14

Wow, you are all pretty full of yourselves. You are not the only people to pass through this world, nor in fact the only people on the planet. I was too young to be a hippie. As you were out there being hippies, I was sitting in my living room watching it all unfold in my living room watching TV waiting to grow up. You did change the world a bit and I grew up a little more aware of the need to love our planet. care for my fellow man, consider drugs as a danger, love music, hate war, see protest as a means of non-violent method to make change, recognize that money wasn't everything and value peace. Get over yourselves a tad.

interesting reads and a thought | Reviewer: marie v | 1/31/14

I was going down a rabbit trail of looking for this song's lyrics and got sucked into the hole of this conversation. It's been quite an education about the 60s. I love hearing the true stories from those who were there.
I think the wonder of this song is how it can be so fiercely debated by both sides of an issue, which is what makes it one for the annuls. It speaks to the human condition - no matter which decade because human nature and our inherent problems keep following. (thanks for letting me wax on as well. God bless)

Why Joni wrote this song | Reviewer: Mike Runyan | 12/26/13

She was due to appear on the Dick Cavett show on the Monday after Woodstock, but nevertheless was set to play on Sunday at Woodstock. But when it became obvious that there would be huge road-clogging crowds at the festival, it was decided that if she performed as planned she might not be able to get to the Cavett show on time, and it was to be a very important appearance for her career. Missing Woodstock was a lifetime regret and writing this song was a salve for her emotional wound.

True Joy | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/24/13

What I remember most from the drug culture of the '60s is all of the lives that were destroyed by alcohol, heroin, cocaine, marijuana, LSD, etc. Good, kind, talented people who blew their minds and lost their lives because they decided to live life without regard for themselves or for others. Any lifestyle that is based upon pleasure for pleasure's sake must by its very nature fall in upon itself. There were some people who were truly invested in ending the war and fighting the establishment, but for most it was just about getting stoned and getting laid.

We Blew It! | Reviewer: Aries | 8/16/13

As a baby-boomer and formerly long-haired hippie trippy, I have fond memories of the late 60's. It was like we were on a spiritual journey to find peace, enlightenment and a better way of living. We had the most noble ideals... and were naive. I think at the time we did have the right ideas, but did get caught "in the devil's bargain."

Now that my generation is in control and I survey that current state of our society and ever-expanding government, I think back to a pivotal movie from the same year as Woodstock - "Easy Rider"... near the end of the movie, Wyatt (Captain America) looks at Billy and says "We blew it!"

At the risk of loosing many of you, with my gray beard and bald head, I believe we have another chance to get "back to the garden" by having a relationship with Christ... the Jesus that exists FAR above and beyond the church and what many know as the Christian religion. IMHO, MAN made religion. Christ's second biggest gift to us is the Holy Spirit! Let that be your guide.

Allahu Akbar | Reviewer: Dork | 7/10/13

I like to "imagine" the scene when hippie values triumphed throughout America and we all actually *did* "get back to the garden" only to suddenly be confronted by a group of radical Islamic Jihadists with, not rifles, but swords and knives prepared to behead the infidels. How useful would a daisy be against that? We'd be so stoned we wouldn't know we were being eliminated.

blah blah blah | Reviewer: yarko | 6/13/13

dandi's post is stock fundamentalist christian nonsense. with any social revolution there are negative and positive effects. the world is a much better place because of the enlightenment that occurred during that time. the fact that christians today get to benefit from it without realizing it shows how limited their comprehension is. but how can one's comprehension be anything but limited when you have been hearing the same, repetitive falseness every sunday for your entire life?

Back to the garden ... | Reviewer: Tony | 5/14/13

Doesn't anyone think "getting ourselves back to the garden" just meant going back to a simpler, more meaningful life growing your own food, as done on a hippy commune? I guess the "devil's bargain" might make you think that but I never did.

The Fringe | Reviewer: Peg | 4/3/13

Remember, all, that change comes from the fringe. The excesses of the '70s led to several justice movements that have transformed the world we live in. Sort of what was intended, I think, although we certainly thought the transformation would be to a world of love and peace. Those are not bad qualities to be part of a society! Not that I think we'll ever have that world, but it is nostalgic to think about the innocence of that time and the belief that we could change the world. The concept of individual freedom arose from that time.

Who Hippies Really Were | Reviewer: gbigsangle | 3/7/13

The term is pleasure seeking and narcissism. There was and still is no grand motive the 60s kids took to communes and the streets and got stoned. The music followed and came from them. But just as the left-wing today assigns themselves grander purpose and higher thinking, they are in fact none of that.

Hippies, long hairs, acid freaks, and groupies were after pleasure and escape. And they have grown up and ruined the country since then.

Its the bass line | Reviewer: LowNote | 2/11/13

Willie Weeks driving on the bass is all you need to know about the song. Counter position that against the train's best harmonies in the business. Its the subconcious reason you think the song is cool. Nobody takes lyrics seriously, they are metaphores for subconcious feelings. They could have been singing about Jello pudding with that musical arrangement and it would be cool.

A little perspective perhaps? | Reviewer: David | 1/9/12

Funny how we stumble across these conversations and then feel compelled to add our own thoughts & words in the hope that it might “help” someone out there. So here I go:

The song Woodstock, penned by Joni Mitchell and popularized by CSN&Y summed up better than most the dream of a generation. The concept, if you will, that we could live together in a world without getting lost in the superficial consumerist society that has taken over western culture.
IMHO, the seed of the “Hippy” movement arose from the observations of young folks that their parents had become pre-occupied with acquiring material goods. This in turn arose out of the new found affluence of the post war generation who believed that they had the opportunity to enjoy the rewards of having made it through both the depression and WWII. Both were completely understandable responses to prevalent conditions.
Those who were born between the two WW’s had many struggles that they overcame and had good cause to feel like they earned the benefits of the consumer culture that was arising.
The Boomers who followed were understandably disenchanted with a world where they could see, on the one hand, their parents being preoccupied with getting the latest refrigerator or TV while the struggle over desegregation was taking place in the South and the so-called war on communism was involving us in the killing of hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese halfway around the world. Additionally, the “liberal” attitudes towards drugs – many of which became available because of vets bringing them back from VN (often used as a tool to cope with the burden of PTSD) and which also arose out of the observation that their parents were taking mood altering prescription drugs (the Rolling Stones song “mother’s little helper”) (If my parents are taking drugs, what does it matter if I take them too?). The sexual “revolution” also arose, from the advent of birth control pills and the increasing participation of women in the workplace (meaning that women were much less dependent on having to get married to survive in the world.)
You could also make an argument that Eisenhower’s creation of the Interstate highway system was instrumental in undermining the extended family structure which provided much of the social control on families and children – you had to conform as a child because even though Mom & Dad might not be right there, the adults who were there were related to you (or at least knew who you were). Even more so you had to conform as an adult. Ease of transportation undermined all of that (for good and ill).
All in all, Woodstock was an expression of the desire of many of the Baby Boomers to find a life with more meaning than to just buy the latest “toy”. This desire (on the part of the Boomers parents) similarly arose out of other perfectly logical circumstances. You can argue about the good and bad manifestations of that desire on the part of both generations. Good and bad expressions arose in each case. To make broad characterizations of either generation is just overly simplistic. What is more important is how each of us will take the lessons learned to improve our own lives and our impact on the world around us.

Owning it! | Reviewer: Brad | 12/12/11

Dear Fred,

while I, as "liberal" accept and celebrate your opinion, and your agreeing with someone who's opinion you feel mirrors your own. I feel obligated to point out what I feel are contradictions in your moralistic tirade.

You say you agree with Dandi about the ills that the "hippy generation" has led to, abortion, marriage stats, absentee fathers- moral degeneration. You then go on to focus in particular on abortion. Do you think the world would be a better place if there was no abortion?

In my opinion the very ills to which dandi refers would have sunk your country a long time ago! people forced into marriages (cause don’t Christians love doing that?) doomed to fail, woman having babies that no man will have the desire to father and raise up, leading to crime and poverty which would escape the confines of the ghetto- god forbid that happens.

Let me guess hippies are also responsible for the absentee fathers in South Africa?

You say own up. So I shall- my girl friend and I had a pregnancy aborted 8 months ago. the prospect of giving birth to a child, with 2 24 year old parents who do not earn enough to support themselves despite working three jobs, having only one drivers license between us and no place to raise a child. We thought it wise to override instinct and theologians who in the end of the day would not have to account or take responsibility for that child and we had an abortion, the hardest and biggest choice we have ever made, that continues to affect us in ways we are yet to comprehend.

More than hippies- I would posit that consumerism (read capitalism) has led to the culture of selfishness and worship of the individual which I’m sure you would agree is at the heart of the protestant ethic and the very rugged individualism frame work which is the foundation of American culture. The very culture that this song seeks to counter.

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