The other winner......... | Reviewer: Steve Ising | 4/12/10

The name of the group that had a hit with this was Matthew's Southern Comfort, and they left out the "Devil's Bargain lyric as well. Their version is mellow and kind of dream-like. I just got back from Bethel Woods, and even being there today is an experience nothing short of religious. The site to me is Holy Ground.

great woodstock | Reviewer: aelisir | 4/6/10

i'm italian 57 and i still feel a strong lovely sensation of freedom just hearing 'Woodstock' of CSNY. It was the beginning of a new era. Love and peace, How can we forget that air, those words, those dresses, those long hair, those marvellous songs? Woodstock made me a spiritual seeker.

Devil's bargain vs. billion year-old carbon | Reviewer: Mark | 3/23/10

Most lyrics leave out the third line of the chorus, which I know was not part of the original Joni Mitchell lyric. However, it's clearly there in the CSN&Y version. Can anyone state with authority whether they sing "We are billion year-old carbon" or "We are caught in the devil's bargain"? In a way, those two lyrics are practically opposite in meaning.

Crosby Stills & Nash are amazing. | Reviewer: Katie | 2/10/10

I'm 16 & I wish I lived back then sooooo bad. Someone needs to make a time machine already, haha. But anyway, I love this song. Songs, well music in general, was so much better in the 60s. It had meaning, & actually talked about important things like what was going on in the world. Crosby Stills & Nash have to be one of my favorite groups of all time.

I wish I was at Woodstock.

Hippies, drugs, free sex, Flower children, and spoiled brats | Reviewer: harvey | 12/18/09

1969 I graduated from High school... Legionary Evangelist David Wilkerson was at Woodstock and has wrote about what he saw and the spiritual state of the people that attended... "We got to get ourselves back to the garden" Well, the Garden of Eden was BEFORE SIN, a sinless state, of being. We can NOT get ourselves BACK there, though we desire to do so... But CHRIST can take you there if you totally surrender to him, trust him, believe in him, read the bible to find the REAL HIDDEN TREASURE...
It's not evolutionary, it's factual, spirit, truth and life... the only way BACK TO THE GARDEN of heaven.

Wow. | Reviewer: Amelia | 11/30/09

I feel the exact same way as Brandon, I'm also 16 and feel I was born in the wrong generation. But this song, and CSNY, just create this place in my head of love and harmony. It's a great song. Great band, too.

Get real | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/6/09

I guess the song is about hoping to become more natural, and therefore better, by treating people as mutual players in the cosmos instead of cogs in a machine.

I don't like this though. It doesn't tell me anything about what people or the world are like. It only tells me how Joni wants to see people. Things too. I'm pretty sure bombers don't stop bombing because we imagine that they're butterflies. I don't find out anything about these 'children of god' either, except that they share Joni's idealism. The song's all about tacking idealism onto reality.

I really like the music (Joni's version and CSNY too) but the lyrics are shallow.

timeless | Reviewer: david | 11/2/09

The "fall from grace" story, (Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden in the Judeo/Christian/Islamic perspective (all together maybe 30-40% of the world) ) is a pretty universal theme in world religions/perspectives.

That is, almost everyone likes to believe "life was better, before." The "western" (Judeo/Christian/Islamic) perspective is unique in that the blame is placed squarely on us for this "fall." Most of the world doesn't beat themselves up for not being perfect (as defined by someone in an authority role).

One of the huge breakthroughs of The Woodstock Generation Counterculture, was to realize that we are, in fact, divine, (as Christ said); that *everything* in the universe is divine - and we are mundane, billion-year old carbon (not formed 4000 years ago or whatever).

We need not submit to rubbish such as a church telling us we are born in sin.

This song articulates this change of perspective beautifully, and again, pretty universally.

"Talkin' bout that generation" | Reviewer: Brandon | 10/8/09

I am now sixteen and I have always felt that I just born in the wrong generation.... Most of the music I listen to is at least twenty year old. I hope that one day music will make a revival and sound like this again... Woodstock is one event that I could only dream of going to because everything there was just magical. The music was great there was peace in the air, and it was like for three whole days a giant city emerged on Yasger's farm that was completely ridden of any problems and violence. This may have been the only time in history where a utopia has ever been. You know I have never been there but from the descriptions I heard and the movies I saw it was the most amazing event in history and I felt like I was there

Incorrect lyrics | Reviewer: John Mule | 10/6/09

There is no "We are billion year old carbon" in the original lyrics. Someone added that in. The rest is correct.

"Back to the Garden" refers to the Garden of Eden, where Adam and Eve were tested by God, and failed. The test was to not eat from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Satan told Eve they would be like "Gods" if they ate the forbidden fruit. They did, and as a result sin entered the world. The result was seperation between God and man. God banished Adam and Eve to forever leave the garden, and no one would be permitted to return. The lyrics about "get back to the garden" are erroneous, as there is no way we could either get back to the Garden of Eden or recreate it. Man ever since has strived to but failed.

WOW! Finally got the words right... | Reviewer: Ray Valdes | 8/27/09

Since shortly after Woodstock I have been singing along to this great song. Only with english being my second language, I always thought it went like this " and we got to get ourselves back to the car" thinking that upon Woodstosck being over they had to get back to the car which gav me visions of the mass of parked cars everywhere and far away. WOW. Pleasantly surprised, the lyrics are infinitely greater than I ever imagined.

Amazing Song | Reviewer: Paul | 8/16/09

It's truly amazing that, considering she wasn't even at the concert itself, she was able to pen the definitive statement of her generation. Perhaps had she actually made it to the concert she may never have written it, who knows. But yes, there was a version (other than hers and CSN&Y's)which was big hit, but I cannot recall the groups name either.
One question on the lyrics - is the line actually "we are billion year old carbon"? I have seen it elsewhere written as "we are caught in the devils bargain." Anyone know?

memories of a 13 year old boy | Reviewer: albert delfosse | 8/10/09

40 years after the event, I can still remember hearing about woodstock on the news. I remember seeing the film. The song embodies another time, and place. Which we will never see again. This song was, and is fantastic.

An anthem for a generation | Reviewer: Mr B | 6/24/09

I was 17, and almost went. The song embodies the spirit of the era, even if it is naive. Joni is a wonderful poet and cudos to her. It was the greatest and biggest party of all time. The ancient Romans have nothing on us. I doubt there will ever be anything to top it. The song is a documentation of how we felt at the time. Its a great thng that it was documented on film and audio recording even if those are poor, its something I doubt will evr come again. Thanks to CS&N for making a version that hit the masses.

stardust | Reviewer: chuck | 3/31/09

I was 15 in '69 and living in Houston. I don't remember hearing much about woodstock at the time, but it definitely lies smack in the middle of a unique and magical space and time in America. Mathews Southern Comfort did a hauntingly beautiful rendition of the song also.