deja vu album | Reviewer: lipswan | 10/28/14

saw a review in here that matched my experience with the group. I was 16, woodstock and bridge over troubled waters were my first albums, suite judy blues eyes shaped my whole musical career. 4 part harmonies and gorgeous space in the parts, still in love with the woodstock performance...wooden ships blew me away.

A great parody reminded me how great this song is! | Reviewer: Weird Al Fan | 7/18/14

"Weird Al" Yankovic included a great parody of this song on his new album "Mandatory Fun" named "Mission Statement", and I am so glad he did! As always, his parodies are really tributes to the original works. In this case, it reminded me of how great this song really is, and got it added to my playlist. His homage only enhances it.

The stuff of life. | Reviewer: Mick Mepham | 8/19/13

Songs like this one and Suite Judy Blue Eyes raise a lump in my throat and purge the soulless dreck from my heart. It still sounds fresh and beautiful and is what a song should be like. Ah hell, where's my kaftan ....

Return to Carry On | Reviewer: A father | 12/16/12

Thank you Crosby, Stills Nash and Young for capturing the spirit of my generation and each new generation in this timeless song. I sang "Carry On" (sans harmony, sadly) to my children at bedtime. Now my daughter is a kindergarten teacher in St. Paul. May "Carry On" be a message of hope, harmony, love, and courage to all who carry on in the face of profound evil in the world.

wonderful | Reviewer: celestino | 8/26/12

I was just and student in Madrid Spain when CSNY recorded this song. Now Í´m getting old, time no waits.
I´m listening the song right now, on my courtyard under the trees, Neil Young is singing and I am feeling dead and in heaven.

Carry On Timeless | Reviewer: Lenox Mhlanga | 7/8/12

My father bought an album of the Woodstock album the year it was released in 1970. I was fascinated by the fact that an album could have three records in it. But it was Crosby Still and Young's iconic performance that got me, young as I was (I was & years old at the time). Carry On released the same year was an icing on the cake. This music is absolutely timeless. Just for the record I was born and grew up in the then Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) and my father was way ahead of his time in his taste of music and so was I.

Deja by at age ten | Reviewer: Ben | 5/8/12

My brother, born 1950, bought Deja Vu March 1970, basically when it came out in The Netherlands. In primary school still, our class watched a School TV lesson introducing the United States. It started with Carry On as intro tune. Being very familiar with that song being played full blast in my classroom setting gave me my first full on Deja Vu sensation that I remember to this day. So cool...

Carry On.. correction... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/16/12

To the one who wrote "Still ranks as the one of the greatest 4 part harmony songs ever recorded"... well I have to tell you that the version on "Dj Vu" has 5 vocal harmonies. And indeed I found them all by ear... a pain in the neck it was.. to find but a great joy to sing and play!

Obscure phrases finally revealed | Reviewer: Tim | 10/7/11

As many times I played this album when I was a teen there were a few phrases I was never able to discern until today, the most important one being "To sing the blues you've got to live the tunes and carry on." How true, a few decades later I have first hand experience of what they said. They were just brilliant and were spokesmen for a generation of baby boomers and so appropriate for today's world as well.

Timeless Masterpiece | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/26/11

Still ranks as the one of the greatest 4 part harmony songs ever recorded, from THE GREATEST HARMONY-RICH album of all time - eat your hearts out, Eagles and all those pathetic wannabee Boy bands...... CSYN rules!!!

Carry On/Questions/Answers | Reviewer: Chuck Olynyk | 2/16/11

This song (and the older one "Questions") got me through many a break-up. One thing Stephen Stills is the master of, and that's asking "Why?" Anyone can ask that. He gives you a direction to go. Thanks, Stephen.

Carry On, CSN & Y | Reviewer: Eddie | 9/1/05

This song is a time machine that will transport you into any major American city during the Viet Nam era.