AGAIN... | Reviewer: TKNW | 8/14/10

CRIME MOB SUCKS! All these 'ladies' are talking about is giving up their sex for a few bucks and showing off materialistic goods. HOW IDIOTIC DO YOU HAVE TO FRICKEN BE to buy into this kind of garbage? And pretty, cute, sexy, hot, beautiful? These girls make Ed, Shenzi and Banzai from the Lion King look sexually appealing compared to them!

stillettos | Reviewer: whiteygrl | 9/11/07

yo,dis song is poppin' its poppin. i luv dis song. it makes me git crunk in da club yo. my stillettos n me r hawt we aint fake we'z real bitchez. we know how to git down we beat your shit up. dont come around dis neighborhood wit your sneakers on becuz we roll wit stillettos. cuz we r hawt gangsta bitchez.

actually, im white but i still think this song is pretty sweet, dawg.

when i first heard dis | Reviewer: yulissa | 5/29/07

when my sister put dis 4 her ringtone i sang every day and i still do dis song is cool:)

man man man | Reviewer: SHAQUILLE | 2/21/07

yea these girls got some raw as rhymes i mean they cold imma boi i like they songs betta than most of the bois they crunk and cute and they got that hood swagger i like about a girl they girly gurls but they can handle them selves and thats wat i wont in a gurl

AMAZING!!! | Reviewer: Boo | 1/31/07

This song is AMAZING!!! I now want a pair of stillettos....

Getn CRUNK n th ATL | Reviewer: Kay | 4/6/05

I first heard this song in ATL and it made me and all my lil Cali friends wanna get CRUNK.....haven't got that crunk out our system yet!!!!!!

Dats wassup | Reviewer: Venicia | 3/24/05

Stillettos is a crunk song like all they other songs. It makes you wanna go out and get some stilletos and beat a bitches ass. If you in the club it makes you wanna jump around and start knockin people out then sing stillettos. Then sing ill beat yo ass. Now dats wassup!!!!!!!!

Stilleto Pumps song is crunck | Reviewer: Kirsa Murray | 3/2/05

This song ur rap is to cold. Yall is wild , this da best song i heard yet yall keep doin yall thang like yall r.