~Diamond and Princess~ | Reviewer: Krishna Stokes | 4/28/10

Diamond and Princess is my favorite
Diamond;i got 32 flavors of this bootylicious bubble gum rasberry grape cherry come and get this honeybun yummy yum baby not yo ordinary lady.
Princess;big boy pimpin pop and dippin now tell me im not the baddest

rock yo hips | Reviewer: TANIA | 7/20/07

i love the part now i got 32 flavas of this bootylitious bublegum rasberry,grape,cheryy. come and get this honey bun yummy yum baby not yo ordary ladyknow to drive these niggas crazy willy wonka want to play me

Now I got 32 flavors of that bootylicous bubblegum | Reviewer: Now I got 32 flavors of that bootylicous bubblegum | 6/5/07

hey bitch *******************
i hate you your ugly*************

big boy pimpin | Reviewer: popp | 5/18/07

so coll i love this part
a town's finest i'm the top notch glamour chick tell me if i throw it atcha baby can u handle it since the cars are rushian if a hater wanna run the lips step up in the club have em' whispering go damn she thick take it to the bar hipnotic and hennesy is on my list sudductivle movin' my body's now watch me rock my hips take a sip of this goose lookin' good and livin lavage big boy pimpin ,poppin,dippin now tell me i ai'n the baddest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

iTZ DA BEST S0NG EVER ! | Reviewer: NICOLE | 4/30/07


.. | Reviewer: .. | 5/4/07

da last few verses of da lyrics up there are completely wrong!!! i sent in the last verse cuz that crap up there is not whats on da song. and it aint "the shizzle" its "fashizzle." and it aint called rock her hips its called rock yo hips.

i luv dis song. its da shit here in a-town (alexandria, louisiana) here to. PEACE!

2 tell Crime Mob bout his song rock her hips | Reviewer: JasminePrice | 4/29/07

wat up witcha Crime Mob diz ur gurl lil'straw well i been listening 2 ur song lately and i just wanted to let cha kno dat it is da shit in p-town witch is Prentiss,Mississippi well ima have to get bac witcha later cuz i got 2 go homie...PEACE,OUT

WRONG | Reviewer: maha sultan | 4/15/07

dis is weong.. u missed all the verses.. the first one the second one u jus skipped to the lass part of the song