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Performed by Creedence Clearwater Revival

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teaching english with classics | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/28/10

As a university teacher of the English language, I have used many rock classic songs as extra activity for teaching vocabulary and pronunciation. This is one of them . Plus, beyond mere linguistics students learn more about the culture of the target language. Thank you for the thousands of lyrics and for contributing to the universalization of culture.

somes songs of CCR, namely Lodi, who'll stop the rain, Have you ever seen rain | Reviewer: MHieu | 5/6/09

I remembered that a special friend of my present a CD of CCR for me. I really like this CD. At that moment I know nothing about CCR but their music was so wonderful and each time when I heard their song, my head sway lightly following the tune. I still love their songs.

My Kids Love This Song | Reviewer: Jesus | 2/1/09

I remember hearing this song back when i was young in Mexico City. I bought the CD for my enjoyment but now my kids who are 10 & 8 have taken over the CD they LOVE it!! how wonderful for them to like this song and who knows maybe their kids too one day will like it. I'm sure they will!!

My Memory Song | Reviewer: Charles Cassar | 7/3/08

I've heard this song long time ago when I was at about the age of 9 Years , this was the first album I've heard 'green River'on a disk player owned by my Aunt at my Grand Mother home. Still today remind me this song to the that place where I was Born.

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