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Hi Guys | Reviewer: phanice | 11/27/2007

I'm always thrilled when i hear you guys singing many times i have been blessed by your songs and im happy for you scott stapp i've always liked you especially the cross tattoo on your hand made me wish that one day i'll marry you but i guess i'll have to find someone like you maybe your son enough of that but i wish you all the best. and im hoping that one day i also start my own rock band im crazy about rock and i know ill meet you guys one day. God bless you

I love you guys!!!!! | Reviewer: selena thomas | 11/22/2007

Creed is one of the greatest band out there.I have been listening to yalls music since the day ya'll came out. Ya'lls music is such an inspration to me from day one ya'lls music has touched my heart in so many ways yalls. I just think ya'll are awesome keep the music comming please.

Awsome Inspiring | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/17/2007

Creed is incredible. By far my favorite band. The lyrics, filled with Christian values, inspire me. Besides that, they are incredibly talented. I wish they were still together. The new band Alter Bridge is OK the voice doesen't fit right. The other band, Scott Stapp, is better than Alter Bridge but not as good as Creed maybe his new album will be better. Scott Stapp is well worth listening to.

my own prison | Reviewer: ken tayylor | 3/27/2007

hi everyone Ilove this song iremember some of it but I need to practise here comes ateacher bye

heart throbbing (awesome)(mindblowing) | Reviewer: renzen lopden bodh | 1/4/2007

its an awesome band....
strings are gr8,,
lyrics mindblowing,
vocals heart touching....
love them...

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