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Cranberries | Reviewer: welly madiarta | 10/1/10

I really like to heard all of your songs, I am your huge fan ... Please come to my City and of course specially to my home, I will give you some souvenir that you can't forget all of your life ... hehehe

Passion | Reviewer: IQBAL SINGH | 5/29/10

hi am an indian by nationality, but living in Uganda from last 12 years, LOVE your song "Zombie" that has been my ring tone over the years, its still a dream to see you in real life but i can't stop dreaming.. regards

Them | Reviewer: jim | 8/30/09

I discovered the cranberries in high school when their first album was just released and was totally seduced by the depth and maturity of Dolores' song writing and noel's guitar sound. Songs like 'them' are unbelievably frank and sophisticated expressions of teenage confusion and feeling. Its interesting that they lost that fire and never regained that intuitive talent once they became successful.

Visit Mauritius | Reviewer: danielle Féli | 4/13/09

You are my favorite band... I am 26 years old. I'm from MAuritius and I always ask myself if one day you will give a concert in our country... I began to learn all your songs since Zombie came out... You're a great band and Dolores you have an amazing voice.

i love you cranberries | Reviewer: steve | 12/10/07

you are my ultimate band, i am 18years old and i have been listening to your albums since my father introduced me to your music when i was 5years old, i know every song off by heart and your songs have helped me through many hard times, i thank you dolores for having such an amazing voice, i praise you

song the icicle melts | Reviewer: pmhill | 7/20/07

i would like to know what the two songs the icicle melts and zombie are based on i am half irish myself and have been to ireland twice age 12years first time and in my early 30s second time im 52 now are these two songs based on the troubles in northern ireland only the words are very sad to the icicle melts but the music is beautiful

come on | Reviewer: zahra | 3/15/07

i know them....and i adore dolores...she's awesom...she sings bloody beautifully...
their lyrics...are just great! i 'm really fond of them!

A Memorable Band in History | Reviewer: mary rox | 10/29/06

AS i type this, I'm wondering if it is at all worth it, because I doubt any person who uses this website actually knows who The Cranberries are. (I know this because I have tried to use this site to access lyrics and have come up with zip) But this is understandable. They debued almost twenty years ago, and I was but a sweet babe. And the internet just a fetus, so naturally, the band would not have many roots to today's geneartion more or less.

This problem can be reversed though! About half (or more) of the individuals I talk that are my age have heard pf the Cranberries. They went gold-an amazing fieght, so someone has heard of them. They are still referred to like many of of the famous bands of the late 80s. They influenced a lot of music these days, i have a pair of Doc Martens, don't you?

It is understandable that this strong band from the emerald hills of Ireland will never be as famous as The Beattles, Led Zepplin, AC/DC, or the The Rolling Stones, but alternative rock carries itself with a grace targeted at the music. Many of us have heard of the Cranberries, and when we hear their molodic tunes, we are brought back a decade.

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