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Performed by Cradle Of Filth

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Damm | Reviewer: Lump | 5/5/07

Possibly the worst cover song ever. I love Cradle but did they really have to do this? I thought the cover of Cliff Richard's Devil Woman was bad but damm this upsets me.


I still love them though dispite their poor taste of what songs to cover. I like the original better (I think I'm showing my age now... the song has nostalga for me)

one big step for humanity | Reviewer: Gothika | 4/28/07

i've been started to listening cradle few months ago, but i love this song. temptation is the light site of my gothic life :> i'd like to listen this in every second of my life, but there must be a time to listen manson or korn, so sorry cradle, i can;t do that all the time:>

awsome | Reviewer: FlatLiner | 4/27/07

this is just an excelent song, and video makes it even better, cradle of filth is easly one of the best bands ever, and this song is one of there best song's

cradle rule | Reviewer: haylea | 4/1/07

omg i absolutely love this song, cradle are the best band evaaaaaaaaaaaa.:)
its jus so catchy, the tune is awesome and the lyrics are jus gr8!
id love to be able to write a song this good, its like in my opinion 1 of the best songs they've done!!!!

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