dani... come to india | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/14/13

dani filth has the best screaming vocals...nd it is mesmerizing to notice how he changes his voice multiple times in his songs... plz come to kolkata,India...u wl luv it..Kolkata has the mst devoted cradle fans

simply filth | Reviewer: shelby lambert | 12/5/09

I have been listning to cradle of filth for several years now.ihave studied his writting style up and down to get a better grasp on the english language to incorporate into my own writting.when I tell people about dani filth I tell them that shakesphere has absolutely nothing on this soul, being ,individual,thing;.... Whatever the fuck he is!!He makes you think that he knows god and satan personally.he is simply mesmerizing.I love every album they have ever made,but cruelty and the beast is an absolute masterpiece.for any non-fan of cradle of filth I reccomend starting with benighted like usher which is track eight on the cruelty and the beast album.I also advise that you never listen to a new song by them without having the lyrics right there in front of you. Once you listen to this song there is no going back.you will be on spiraling,descending staircase that only gets darker and never ends. --felonoftroy13

you dont need to go deep | Reviewer: Mirth | 9/2/09

im a muslim buh i just love cradle of filth i mean cumon guys u dnt have to go so deep into the theams of every song, thats not what metal lovers do. v just admire the darkness of the lyrics and the dominating music that doesnt change hu v worship

Christians.....Stfu | Reviewer: Will Edwards | 3/3/09

It is great that you love the band because they really are one of the best in the black metal scene but please dont try and cause troubles by trying to start shit about the religious meanings in the lyrics. If you feel so strongly about it and if they offend you....Then stop fucking listening to them. They play to please to the fans...The fans that understand and dont question because they understand that something other than god controls us. So please stfu with all the complaning about the religious comments

I is confused | Reviewer: Ivy C | 8/12/08

So yesh, i am a christan and i can not help to be captivated by this bands music. My favorite is A Dream Of Wolves In The Snow, and i always have to listen to it twice ^-^. Anyways, people say that they are satanists or w/e, but i havent read anything that states that they are. But if i do read something that says it, theres aother line that completely confuses me. It bothers me idk why but i have to know!
Oh yeah, and i dont know if its such a good idea to worship a band... there just very talented inspiring people who have a way with music. xD

how awesome dani is!!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/19/08

Dani is the sweetest,nicest, most down to earth guy as well as the band! I have met them all and spent the night with them recently. Dani is totally different from the appearance he projects on stage, as well as the immage he personifies! He's not fake or anything! it's just that on-stage he has to keep up the ''act'' or ''image'' like theater where as in real life, yes he's still into the same stuff, He just isn't performing, so he can be his off-stage self! Either way he is awesome as shit! He ALWAYS takes time to visit and take photos with his fans no matter what!!! Even if he's in a hurry and exhausted from a show! He takes time to hear each individual person and talk/reply to what they are saying or asking! Even when most of the comments were rediculous bullshit! He remains 110% polite and patient ! I guess he remembers that your fans are the ones who make you your money! He never forgets where he came from! That's what makes him so fucking awesome and special!!!!!

3/27/2008 | Reviewer: carlos | 3/27/08

hey there i just want to say just a few words! Cof Has A Natural Leader that is Dany he is just a charesmatic person and with his lyrics and the deep meanings attract people to his songs! he has a unique talent , it is his voice And every single song he wrote maid me understand new english vocabulary so cradle its more than just a band !! they rock! they should rule the world! keep on the good worl dany! and plz i want to which part of relegioun dany is?? i smone knows here my eamil carlos10x0@hotmail.com plz send me a message if u know!10x

CoF | Reviewer: nana | 3/1/08

ok so im a christian..i believe in the faith i was brought up in soo yea...i love this band..even though im not a satanist or atheist or anything..i think there awesome..but princes of darkness they are not..their just people who prevaled in bringing out the true darkness in metal..this cd doesnt cause death or the band..its just a serious of unfortunate events get it!!!and as for unscripting the truth of the bible..WHAT TRUTH!!!

the true fans of cradle of filth realy wants a retrospective in the style of the band | Reviewer: juan pablo aguilar ramirez | 2/17/08

the true fans wants a retrospective in the music of the band in mexico the critic about the way who turned the music of cradle is a bad omen about the competition with other bands (dimmu borgir) dany what it happened?

just fucking awesome! | Reviewer: reivax angulo | 11/15/07

I'm just a fucking filipino fanatic of this most sadistic band i've ever heard! first time i've heard them, i just can't wait to hear another album from them. i just hope one time they're gonna visit here in the phillipines. wanna see them perform live. for me, i'm the most cradle of filth addict here! fuck other black metals, worship this fucking band. just them!!!/../,

Jesus Antichrist U ROCK!!! | Reviewer: "Dying To C U In Greece" | 10/2/07

I have to admit that my english sucks a bit but i wanna tell u something: Cradle Of Filth is the best band that existed,exists and will exist in the future i hope
Why Havent u, Cradle, come in Greece? There are some fans here that could do anything for u !!! And pls try to create a new album fast, we cant wait. And i hope its cthulhu dawn-like or like the black goddess rises. They Pwn!!! C.U.

+C.O.F+ | Reviewer: kimmi | 10/1/07

cradle of filth is so fucken awesome!all their songs rock!not much of a "black metal" fan,but after heering cradle of filth for tha first time...i luuuuuuuv dem!:)

HER | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/22/07

I am a fan of COF... Allthough I have to say, that 'Thornography' was a huge disappointment. And Dani appearing on Viva La Bam.... Why, oh why?!

Dani filth | Reviewer: Luke Harries | 9/2/07

Dani Filth is a beautiful singer and all of the different vocal sound and he will always be the greatest singer that i have ever be in black metal and as a vampire. I think that cradle of filth rocks the metal world and he has the most beautiful family and keep your spirits high and i will always be there for you Dani Filth.
I will always vote for them in the kerrang and metalhammer awards.

polished like a shed on a porcelain wall | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/5/07

Cradle is an amazing band...and much different from others. It's not only the sound that separates them from many musicians, but also the fact there is a lot of old english literature and philosophical meanings in their music. Each album has a story and if you just sit down and listen to dani through the whole album you notice how each song on any of the albums continues the previous ones. Good example for this is "Damnation And A Day", "Midian", and "Cruelty And The Beast"...Oh and to settle this genre classification shit...They are just cradle of filth...I'm tired of hearing someone go like "they are black metal", "no they are heavy/goth/syphonic/extreme/metal" they are just cradle of filth...just like primus is primus....stop trying to classify everything just enjoy the music