COF u r too good!! | Reviewer: Hell Preacher | 6/16/07

Cradle of filth is za best, they r the Darkess Awesomest Band, it may b an unbeatable band in the future, in fact some of their songs i like:


So great? | Reviewer: Fake | 5/20/07

Yeah. Cradle of Filth kick asses. How the combine symphonic music with black metal is awesome. My first song from them is A Gothic Romance (still the best untill now). love the sound of the organ. also, i'm still wondering how Dani can change his voices like that. it's creepy man!
anyway, Cradle of Filth rules!!

perfect metal | Reviewer: Bob | 5/14/07

Cradle of filth is one of the greatest hardcore metal bands ever. Some of my favorite songs are Ghost in the fog and Mr.byronic Man

A band proudly called Cradle Of Filth | Reviewer: Amy | 5/6/07

Cradle Of Filth is one of the best black metal bands in the world. I can't pick a favortie cd because I love all there cds. I can always find great songs on each one even if I don't really like any of the other songs. Everything they do and are is amazing itself. So I am a very proud fan of their music! (and screaming is a talent, when mixed with the choirs, insterments, vocals and all the other things they sneek in there really make a eerie song sure to make some non black metalers uneasy.) Woot keeping squawking Dani!!!

RISE OF THE PENTAGAM | Reviewer: anthony manson | 4/22/07

Lloyd i did not believe that u possess some qualification on literature but the poem that begings this song proved me wrong.the voice,the god filth u are a master and to thank u, thornography is my daily bread.count africa in,we are with u davey!

i agree.... | Reviewer: angel | 4/11/07

ya cradle of fitlh also is my favorite band too,fuck they are the greatest.but whts going to continue ther dark saga,most black metal bands besides ozzy dont stick around long,amazingly they stood for more than 15years.and dni has to be one of themost greatest artist i have ever viewed.but not alot here about them and some assholes say they suck,well the ones who say that are fucking dumb.. but will there be another cradle of filth?i fucking hope so........

mesmerised i listen and see | Reviewer: mordecai | 3/13/07

amazing band! beyond the understanding of stupid motals
best ones are the symphonic black metal ones
loved "rise of the pentagram" in their newest album- thornography
all time classic still remains nymphetamine and swansong for a raven,beauty slept in sodom and loads of others
keep creating such master pieces, feel a bit sorry for Dani though(heard he has throat problems)

i <3 them | Reviewer: ashlie_biggest_ever_c.o.f_<3a | 12/14/06

i am da biggest eva lover of crale of filth as i am a rerli big goth !! i <3 der song nymphetamine !! its my fave .. dey r ace !! xoxoxoxoxoxoxx

CoF | Reviewer: Me | 7/17/06

I tried very hard to understand what the hell the reviewer below me was saying (trying re-reading before you post), I admit he's right with the whole "Cradle is not Black Metal". Perhaps they were in their earlier days. They are in fact Symphonic Black, or even extreme Gothic metal. Bands like Immortal, Satyricon and Emperor are more black metal than CoF. Songs like Nymphetamine Fix and Her Ghost In The Fog are way more Gothic/Symphonic than black, just with extreme vocals. Whilst they have produced some quality songs, some are plain cheesy - trying WAY to hard to sound evil. The fake blood, vampire teeth and corpse paint is just over the top.

Black metal ? | Reviewer: Cof Fan | 3/24/06

Cradle of filth have been about about 15 years now and still come out with great albums.However to more "extreme" black metal fans a bit cheesy. I personaly love tehre music but some of there videos can be pretty bad realy trying to be more dark than they realy are to look "cool". My point being the cheesy vampire routines, the pentograms on everything, the blood so on.If anyone wants to see a prime example f with watch the video for "born in a burial ground".It has cheesy lighting fx the pentograms (penorgram being caused by a dragon ball z routine with shooting lighting at water and magicly lighting it on fire.Am i wrong in saying water dosnt burn ?)Dani(singer) turning into a werewolf then back human and sucking some chick's blood ........ However one thing no one can take away from them is that they do have amazing songs and to anyone who thinks the "screaming" isnt talent one day when your borred try it it may not be mainstream but it is talent. To anyone interseted in this band Id sujest buying "dusk..and her embrace"

Thanks for reading this
If there are any questions
Email me at

Greated black band ever. | Reviewer: rufio korn bodom cradle fan | 2/22/06

Cradle of filth rocked and yes they are an awsome band. I used to not like them cuz i couldnt udnerstand but now i can and love them. I hate people who always bag english music after all they made Iron maiden and then cradle of filth. Danni is a legend along with the rest of the band. There greatest songs are nyphetamine fix, guilded cunt,english fire,cradle to enslaVE, ghost in the fog and a few others. But the Best question is are they still going because i havent heard any news since 2004 long awaitied album nyphetamine so yea what happening.

Swansong for a Raven | Reviewer: | 1/13/06

This classy black metal band offers a lot of thinking in their songs, espiacially the literary and philosophic meanings of their work.
The band brings the best of their genre.
Another shock-rocker and black metal artist, Marilyn Manson, cannot be compared to this high intensity band. Marilyn Manson took the bad and turned it into the wort case scenerio one can ever do, while CoF took the bad, and turned it into the "beauty of badness & madness", both literary and performa simultaneously.

Black metal at it's greatest. | Reviewer: The shadow upon your wall | 12/20/05

Cradle of Filth is one of, if not the best black metal bands to date. Their only intolerable album is Damnation and a day, which I percieved to be an utter failure. While the lyrics were as amazing as ever, Dani's vocals and the musicians with their instruments were just sub-par. However Nymphetamine's release redeemed the filthy for their one failure in a fifteen year career of excellence. Nymphetamine is definitely and undeniably Cradle's best release to date. I'd advise anyone who has not heard it to go out, buy it, and cherish it. Long live the filth, and Carpe Nocturne.

YEs | Reviewer: Shelby | 12/21/05

Every were you turn your seen sum new posser band or a band thats just starten to be like thats the band like slipknots newest Cd and all Cradle OF filth is stayen ture to the muice And sorry all about the BAD spellen

Amazing | Reviewer: Nicki | 9/27/05

Ah yes, I absolutely adore Cradle Of Filth.

Some of their greatest songs are
Nymphetamine, Her Ghost In The Fog, Suicide And Other Comforts, From The Cradle To Enslave, Babylon AD.

Also many fucking amazing music videos have been done by them, From The Cradle To Enslave being the best.