Cradle of Filth Kicks Green Day posers' asses! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/28/05

My favorite band is Cradle of Filth. They are the Darkest Awesomest band roaming The Earth Under Us. Dani Filth is my Idol. YEAH!!! Instant Message me at roboto chicken on AIM.

cradle of filth=best black metal band | Reviewer: siyavash | 5/31/05

all the albums from cradle of filth is very good but nymphetamine is the best.

i love them | Reviewer: Sarah | 5/17/05

i would give cradle of filth a 10 becus i love their music and everything their about! And im sure as hell not Gothic! Either!

Excellente!! | Reviewer: karis rawlins | 4/30/05

I discovered the dark world of Cradle of Filth only about 5 months ago and since, have discovered some great and spectaculour song and lyrics beneath the (some) disturbing song titles.

Some of thier songs I like:
Swansong for a raven
Her ghost in the fog (very classy!!! whoop whoop)
The forest whispers my name.

With the screams of Dani filth and the music from the rest of the band, it makes a great band..Cradle of Filth..